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Drag shortcuts or folders in or out of the area to rearrange it. Entering Text You can enter text using the onscreen keyboard. When you use the onscreen keyboard to enter text, open the notification panel and touch Change keyboard. Select the input method you need. NOTE: The Change keyboard notification appears only when more than one keyboard input method is installed and enabled.

Google Keyboard The Google Keyboard provides a layout similar to a desktop computer keyboard. Touch and hold some specific keys to enter associated accented letters or numbers. You use this feature to input a word by sliding through the letters. To enable and use gesture typing: Touch and hold on the Google Keyboard and then touch Google Keyboard settings. Touch Gesture typing and then touch Enable gesture typing if this feature is turned off.

You can touch to select a layout or an input language. You can touch the arrow keys to turn pages, or touch to go back to the alphabetic keys.

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Page 48 Touch an alphabetic key repeatedly until the desired letter appears. You can also touch and hold the key and slide left or right to choose the letter or number you need. If word prediction is enabled , just touch the keys once and choose the right word. Page 49 Curve Word Gesture Curve allows you to enter text by moving your finger on the screen from letter to letter to enter each word. To enable and use Curve: 1.


Page 50 Wave Sentence Gesture Wave allows you to enter words by dragging candidate words to the space key. To enable and use Wave: 1. Touch the Back key to return to the text field. Open the TouchPal keyboard and switch to the Full layout. Google Voice Typing Google Voice typing uses the Google voice recognition service to convert speech to text.

Touch to access the voice typing feature when you are using the Google Keyboard. Or touch in the notification panel and then select Google voice typing. Touch and hold an application icon and drag the icon to Uninstall or Disable at the top of the screen. Touch OK to uninstall or disable the app. You can turn on or off the nano-SIM cards, choose the default card for calls and data, set the network mode or other mobile network options for each card.

Page Connecting To Wi-fi 2. Touch a card tab at the top. Touch Access Point Names.

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Touch 5. Touch each item to enter the information you get from your service provider. Slide the Wi-Fi switch to turn it on. Touch a network name to connect to it. Page 58 1. Enter the network SSID name. If necessary, enter security or other network configuration details. Page 59 After entering the PIN number, your phone automatically finds the access point and configures the connection. Phones or other devices with Bluetooth capabilities can exchange information wirelessly within a distance of about 30 feet. The Bluetooth devices must be paired before the communication is performed.

Page 62 Your phone automatically scans for and displays the IDs of all available Bluetooth devices in range. Touch the device you want to pair with. Open the appropriate application and select the file or item you want to share. Select the option for sharing via Bluetooth. The method may vary by application and data type. Touch a Bluetooth device the phone has paired with or wait for it to search for new devices and touch one of them.

To turn on and use NFC: 1. Slide the NFC switch to the on position. Open the payment app and turn on tap and pay. Select your default payment app.

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Page 66 3. You only need to install the driver on the same PC once. Open Windows Media Player and synchronize music, picture, and video files. Touch the card name in the Portable storage section. Touch Done. The feature needs data connection on a mobile network and may result in data charges. Page 70 3. Switch on Bluetooth tethering.

Your computer is now sharing your phone's data connection.

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You can get this information from your network administrator. Add a VPN 1.

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  4. Touch at the top right corner and fill in the information provided by your network administrator. Page Phone Calls Phone Calls You can place calls from the Phone app, the Contacts app, or other apps or widgets that display contact information. Wherever you see a phone number, you can usually touch it to dial. Answering or Rejecting Calls When you receive a phone call, the incoming call screen opens, displaying the caller ID or the information about the caller that you've entered in the Contacts app.

    You can answer or reject the call, or reject it with a text message. It provides a convenient way to redial a number, return a call, or add a number to your contacts. If the dialpad is closed, touch to display it.

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    Touch and hold the 1 key in the dialer. If prompted, enter your voicemail password. Follow the voice prompts to listen to and manage your voicemail messages. Because of higher volume levels, do not place the phone near your ear during speakerphone use. Managing Multi-party Calls When the call waiting and three-way call features are available, you can switch between two calls or set up a conference call.

    NOTE: The call waiting and three-way call features need network support and may result in additional charges. Place the first call. Once you have established the connection, touch dial the second number. This puts the first caller on hold. Page 80 Configure Auto-Answer You can configure your phone to answer calls automatically when you are not in a call. Check Auto-answer to turn on this feature. Touch Time to wait before auto-answering a call to set the wait time.

    Page Bar Certain Calls 3. Configure voicemail settings.