Most of them can survive a drop or two, but this is nothing compared to the battering a child-proof cell can take. However, if your kid is old enough to handle things with care, a standard phone might actually be a better buy that can teach them to value things. Besides, you can always use a protective case for a regular device.

So which one is better? A couple a years ago, a regular small-sized cell could actually look like a worthy purchase. Today, you can still consider devices of this type if you are looking for a full-fledged device for a teenager. Yet, the plethora of kid-friendly products provide a wide array of options to choose from, especially if you consider the prices for this category of products. However, our family friend gave us advice to try Pumpic. We did. As it turned out this monitoring app provided better protection than all best cell phones for kids we could find online.

There are so many useful features included that parents can view everyone who calls their children, find out their location, and follow each online activity. Great solution! The app lets me track all activities that may be dangerous for children. Moreover, I can block those I consider inappropriate. I can block misgiving callers and SMS senders, limit app and websites with inappropriate content.

But most of them are not as functional as ordinary ones. Sure, they provide some kind of security, but they lack some good functions that smartphones have. I bought my girl a good smartphone and installed Pumpic on it. Now I have access to all of her activities, can control and protect her remotely. At the same time, my daughter can use her smartphone entirely to explore this world of technologies and keep up with times. Big Download Portal You are about to download the Mobile Hidden Camera 4 adding.

Mobile Hidden Camera is a free and useful Photography app by zecurizoft 3. FreeAndroidSpy is Android spying and tracking software for smartphones and tablets that can monitor GPS Location, spy on images and videos, track contacts and more! Spy Mouse for Android, free and safe download 4. The WhatsApp file section also profiles you with details on any files that someone has been sharing.

How to find a stolen or lost Android phone - CNET

You can download these files for your own use to get a clear idea of what is happening on a device at a given time. This is a convenient tool that makes it easier for you to get your content secured well. And you can even use Spyic to spy on iPhone without installing software. I found Hoverwatch quite accidentally actually. A friend of mine recommended it, and I tried it out. Simplicity and reliability are what this software have and I breezed through it with ease. These are the reasons why it is popular for first-time users. Hoverwatch is a comprehensive WhatsApp tracking app.

It shows messages straight up on the user panel. Coming to spying features for WhatsApp Calls, audio recordings are listed as per the contact numbers and the time specifics. Hoverwatch conveniently lists the call recordings on a single panel for you to easily access and monitor with this multi-functional WhatsApp monitoring tool.

Both of these are not mandatory. As I mentioned in our FlexiSPY review article, this is one of the first monitoring software which came with the default features you find in the other programs. FlexiSpy is a first-choice for many as a WhatsApp spy online app.

How to Spy on a Samsung Mobile Phone?

Worth mentioning right from the start, this is easily one of the most powerful apps you can find to spy on WhatsApp messages. All relative media ranging from audio attachments to images and videos shared through WhatsApp will show directly on your user portal. I found this quite handy for my iPhone. Jail-breaking, sadly, is necessary for this WhatsApp spy app for iPhone. You can start with monitoring keystrokes following up with monitoring messages and conversations right on the user panel.

I was able to take screenshots of conversation pages as well, a handy add-on to have and a feature which few other software have.

1. Hire A Professional Hacker

Spying photos and images is limited only to Android devices. But you can spy on contacts, voice calls along with date and time stamp across all OSs. One of the most popular apps to spy WhatsApp conversations, Highster Mobile, has much more inside it to aid you for a complete spying function. Sticking to the basics is just why Highster Mobile has one of the highest number of subscribers. You can view messages and conversations to every single contact. The conversation log will show up right on your user panel.

I did require rooting the Android target for spying on WhatsApp though. But the physical installation was easy, a brisk 2-minute procedure, more than enough to get the job done. For parents thinking about how to spy WhatsApp messages for starters, this app is a strong option. The thing that I have understood about being a parent is a certain mutual consent.

As a matter of fact, this is not a proper spy app at all. It will show up on the screen of the target device. Unlike other apps, MobileSpy has less to do with spying and more with monitoring. First things first, you will need to jailbreak and root the device which you want to monitor. All you have to do is just click the WhatsApp tab on the communications interface. Once there, you can easily view WhatsApp messages or conversations right on your user panel.

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I was even able to download and view exchanged multimedia files on the panel directly from the account. Quite a common new name in this industry, Appmia has come up with an innovative and powerful setup leading to one of the highest amount WhatsApp spy download numbers. You can monitor every single conversation including past messages from a contact along with a date and time stamp. Appmia can do a lot more than just track WhatsApp messages.

It allows you to monitor every single multimedia exchanged between the target user and a contact along with the contact details.

What I would like to mention separately though is the professional and sophisticated user panel. It reflects the potency of this spying application perfectly, something which a user like you is sure to rate highly. Jailbreaking iOS devices is compulsory. Android devices will require rooting for WhatsApp spying and monitoring.

Another upcoming popular spy software, I was forced to include GuestSpy simply because of its affordable price tag against an excellent list of features. This is a good choice to make for a first-time user. I like the way the developers concentrate on making such a type of software easy and intuitive.

The software shows the contact name, number along with a time and date stamp. Along with all of this, you will find a separate tab for monitoring images, videos and audio files directly on the software control panel. Also, you can use it to spy. The final addition to this list was a tough choice for me, but I had to go with this upcoming software which is garnering quite strong reviews of late.

The first thing you will notice about this WhatsApp spy app is its utilitarian setup and range of features. This is one of the few programs which did not need rooting for Android devices. This applies even more so in the case of WhatsApp spy app. I was looking for utilities as well as whether they were simple enough to use.

Top 10 Parental Control Apps for Android

So, if you want the most basic monitoring requirements, you can easily go for the basic plans. See which features you want and which software gives you the best value-for-features. If instead, you want the whole repertoire monitoring and spying features, opt for the one which has the best range of features along with the most comprehensive pricings. Do feel free to comment and recommend. My point for all of this was simply — to help you get the best WhatsApp spy app for yourself. Cocospy: Leading Spy Software Sales 2.

Spyic: Powerful and Affordable 3. Hoverwatch: Simple but Comprehensive Functions 4. Viewing Messages and Conversations. Spying Images and Videos.