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There's an extra camera, a new radar-based gesture system and Google has killed the notch. But do they add to the phone? Before we dive into the review, here are the basics: the Pixel 4 comes in two different sizes, a 5. Black, white and orange. It's also available to buy now. There are only two storage options for the Pixels, a measly 64GB Google wants you to use the cloud for all your storage and a more suitable GB. If you opt for the the smaller 5. Other than the physical size and some battery differences, there's very little that's different between the 4 and the 4XL.

So while we've been living with the Pixel 4 XL for a week, this review also stands up for the smaller device. There are two big design changes to this year's Pixels: the cameras we'll get to those soon and the removal of the fingerprint sensor, which has sat on the phone's rear since This cleans up the back of the phone, with only the camera bump sticking a couple of millimeters above the smooth, glass, surface.

Although, how the back of the phone looks probably doesn't matter too much if you're being sensible and putting it straight in a case. The bigger loss is the functionality of the fingerprint sensor. For the first time, Google has introduced facial unlocking to the phone. After adding a 'profile' of your face by carefully rotating your head at the front facing camera, the unlocking system is quick to operate.

Pick up the Pixel, hold it in front of your face — frustratingly, unlike with the iPhone, you have to be right in front of the phone, not slightly to the side or at an angle — and it will almost instantly unlock. It's quick, responsive and convenient. However, Google messed up big time with the facial-recognition feature.

Unlike Apple, it hasn't included a alertness setting that activates the system when you're looking at the camera. It will work if your eyes are shut. This means anyone who waves a Pixel 4 near your face can get into the phone — including, rogue law enforcement officials. Google has been forced to backtrack on this, saying a software update will add an attentiveness mode in the coming months. But, for a company that's making a lot of noise about its privacy efforts it was a massive misstep. Keeping the fingerprint sensor would have been ideal, but it's likely that Google doesn't have the hardware capabilities to embed one under the screen yet.

Elsewhere, the front of the Pixel has subtly changed. The phone's notch, which on the Pixel 3 contained two cameras, has been abandoned.

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Five years of development has gone into Google's biggest addition to the Pixel 4, the company says. Its radar system — officially dubbed Motion Sense — sits above the phone's display and is intended as a gesture interface. It detects when your hand is above phone and responds to your movements. But at this stage, it doesn't really do a lot. When playing music, through Spotify for instance, you can skip to the next song by waving your hand from left to right. The phone doesn't have a headphone jack. You can silence alarms and call through the same gesture. When it works — it can be intermittent — the feature is neat.

It's a use case that is intuitive and natural, but not something anyone really needs. There's definite potential here, but we would like to see the radar chip have a deeper range at the moment it seems to work with your hand about cm above the screen and installed in Google's smart devices. A smart display with gesture control makes complete sense.

As much as Google wants us to focus on the new facial recognition and radar hardware, it's impossible to ignore the cameras. The Pixel has been about the camera since day one. This time around, the company has added a second lens for the first time, following the general industry trend. As is typical with the Pixel, the camera setup is fantastic. Images are clear, crisp and the new telephoto lens lets you zoom more than ever before in Google's phone range. The night mode is one of the best out there.

The quality of images is more than good enough for whatever you want to do with your photos.

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Let's face it, you're probably going to post them to Instagram and then forget about them. While the second camera does mean you can zoom in on practically everything, Google has missed a trick by not copying its rivals, including the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. It hasn't added a wide-angle lens. Compare Pixel devices.

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