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It comes with a good rear cover which protects the camera lens. I have not had any troubles with this phone and would recommend it to anyone wanting a good cheaper phone. I have S8 and I bought A8 for my wife it is great same as s8 very good screen flat and quality. I have had some problems when watching some apps like Utube, vimeo and also when talking on the phone it jumps or cracks in flow, which is very annoying.

But in saying that I'm happy with the look and camera and battery life it's got a lot of great uses in a compact size, not too big. Thanks for taking the time to write your review, this seems like it would be a third party issue. Can you please confirm if you have tried uninstalling and reinstalling these applications? If you are I had an iphone for 8 years and I was unsure about changing over to a Samsung but I have not regretted it one bit.

The transition over to a samsung from an iphone was extremely easy to do and I didnt lose any of my contacts or photos through the use of a transfer app. I love the camera on this phone and it allows you to take a selfie by waving your hand in front of you. This makes it easier than trying to hold onto the phone awkwardly whilst getting the perfect selfie. It also has a special night time camera which is great when you are out on the town and want to take great pics.

I love this phone and will not convert back again. The camera is very good both front and rear, takes good pictures day and night, I am a photographer and enjoy taking snaps and previews with this unit.

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Dropped it once but have a security case on so no damage feels solid and safe. Maybe there are features that are not on here like wireless charging? Use it constantly calling messaging FB and the apps all fur with no problem. I would highly recommend. I haven't tried the 9 so don't know the difference except for the price.

The basic functions of the phone are fine and in particular the cameras, back and front, are keeping ace with modern phone picture quality and functionality. Sadly this phone has not been built to last. Screen cracked in three places after 1 months worth of light wear and a half-meter drop onto carpet being the worst handling it has received. Hi Lee, accidents happen! If you decide to have your device repaired our techs would be happy to help you I have recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy A8 mobile phone and have found it to be an asset.

The screen size is the best I have had because it is longer but not as wide as previous phones, and this makes it much easier to hold and much easier to take selfies. It has fast reactions and very good colours. I bought my phone through Kogan at a discount price and they have a great service history with no problems.

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I love my new Samsung A8. In gender, the A8 is a superb phone for most users. It's sleek, metal case gives it a very premium feel. The screen is good evn on bright sun and apps work pretty swiftly too. Dual sim is always great but I wish it was dual sim plus memory storage. Audio is a bit weak if through the speakers. No atmos enhancement available under Marshmallow. There are shortcomings such as the lack of wireless charging, and the camera isn't near the quality and capability of the S series. The weight is a bit too biased towards the top which makes i Thanks for your review Dave, we really appreciate you taking the time to write to us.

We do appreciate your feedback and will be sure to pass this on internally. If you feel that you are having some i I dont love learning new technology but my previous phone was an iphone and ij hated the price of new chargers etc and that it wouldn't talk to my laptop. I eventually gave in and bought a Samsung. Two weeks later I was mildly frustrated but not too badly. There is aa bit of as learning curve to switch phones but a lot of the setup was pretty intuitive.

Then two weeks in my puppy chewed my charger. I went in to the store. I bought a replacement for the android for Add up all the cords and chargers and earphones over time. I definitely think it's worth The set up time.

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I purchased this phone recently and I'm very happy with it. It really compares with the other higher end galaxy phones without the price tag. The camera quality is also superb and it has a large, super clear resolution. We recently changed to a new provider and wanted to upgrade from our Samsung S6.

We looked at all the plan options and the A8 looked good on a reasonably priced plan. We are both very happy with the phones, they are easy to navigate and no glitches. I would recommend this phone to anyone, it does everything you need for phone, Internet and camera needs! Has any one else had ongoing charging problems with a8?

Mine constantly tells me "Moisture detected" when charging and to turn it off and unplug charger! A service battery replacement did not correct the problem. I'm at a loss! Hi John, we're sorry to hear that you are experiencing troubles with your A8. We recommend taking your device to the nearest service centre so we can take a look at this for you.

I have been a Samsung Galaxy user for over ten years and was very happy with the phones. However, I switched to an A8 when my last phone S5 died in March this year. Never had a problem till I changed phones and am desperate to find out why the Bluetooth won't connect. I believe it's something to do with an update that was available about the time I bought the phone and many others have the same problem. What can I do to get the Bluetooth to work? Hi, we'd be more than happy to assist you with this. Would you be able to send us a message to our Facebook via the link below?

Please ensure to copy and paste your enquiry in a private message to us. Can any one tell what I am doing wrong? Hey Jay, we'd be more than happy to help you set up your notification sounds on your A8. If you would like us to assist with this, please let us know via PM through the link below.

Looking for a new mobile plan? Find out everything you need to know from network coverage and plan types, to data usage and international roaming so that you can pick the best value plan for you. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though ProductReview. Write a review. The Dual Front Camera innovates selfies and wefies, putting the focus on you and your friends so you can capture moments in a new way. And with the rear 16MP camera, the surrounding scene will come out bright and clear, too.

It blurs the background, adding bokeh so you and your friends stand out. Afterwards, you can readjust the focus to your taste. And by enabling Beauty effect before taking the photo, selfies and wefies come out stunning. Customize your pictures with exciting stickers and filters. Decorate selfies with stickers using face-recognition technology.

Or edit before you shoot with Food mode, Beauty effect, or Filters. And Beauty effect works while taking a video with the front camera, so you can look your best in action. Whether out at night or caught in the dark, you'll capture the scene clearly with the improved low-light capability on the Galaxy A8's rear camera.

Its bright F1. Easily find the image you want with the gallery search bar. As you search, the gallery analyzes your photos and pulls out relevant pictures, even displaying them by category.

You want a phone that works wherever life takes you. Keep your day on track, set reminders, and get information via your camera with Bixby. Bixby is a virtual assistant that works via text and touch and learns your habits. Get informed without waking up your phone.

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The Always on Display screen is always available and contains important information like date, time, notifications, and even battery level. Leave the cards at home—all you need is your Galaxy A8 and Samsung Pay.

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With Samsung Pay, you can check out virtually anywhere you would use your credit card in a simple and secure way. Divide your work messages and personal chats with ease. Effortlessly conserve mobile data and battery life with adaptive Wi-Fi control on the Galaxy A8.

It remembers where you've previously connected to Wi-Fi and turns on to instantly connect when you're in range. And when you leave the service range, Wi-Fi shuts off to keep your battery from draining. Unlocking is as easy as taking a selfie or scanning your finger. And you can easily keep important things on hand with expandable microSD storage—up to an additional GB.