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When I bought my Phone, I knew that what I was buying, was a phone. I'm quite happy. With that being said, Android's are far easier to use then iPhones. Plus with the Moto Mods it actually creates my phone in to an entirety better device. Yes, I'd recommend this product. Was this review helpful? Yes 7. These phones are incredible.

I am definitely a Motorola fan. I love the many ways I can customize the phone to sit me.

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Plus the mods are a ton of fun. Yes 0. I am used to using Samsung Galaxy phones and I switch to this phone. The camera is so unbelievably bad.

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I absolutely love this phone! I got this a year ago and still fits in good for being mid range. Owned many Motorola phones. This will be my last. Software is glitchy. If the phone design requires you to have a case, then it is a failed design. Had to replace camera lense twice, still doesn't focus good. Had high hopes for this phone. Let me down big time. I bought this phone almost exactly a year ago and it's been awesome. It has great features, and has always been quite fast. I've never once thought it was slow, and for the price the specs are about what I would expect.

The only reason I'm changing to the z4 is because my wife needs a new phone, so read more. I liked everything about the phone until out of the blue the screen turned black, but everything else was responsive including the flashlight. I read some reviews online and other people have had the same problem. Besides that, it had a lot of potential. A really smart smartphone.

The motorcycle mods are amazing, the ability to turn a simple Smartphone into for example a projector in just seconds amazes! The screen is very sharp, it touches the perfection. Frequently asked questions Ask a question.

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Newest Questions. Answer this question. However, you need to have a chromecast in order for you to do this process. In case you have questions, please email us at supportforums motorola. Was this answer helpful? Screen mirroring is not a feature that shows under the specs or the user manual of the device as a stock feature. This action might still be accomplished through an application or a separate accessory. Is that referring to the monthly bill I'm paying?

Prepaid is where u pay for service before u use it.. Otherwise get a monthly bill and that is NOT considered prepaid. So if u get an itemized bill you are not on prepaid. That's a great question, Connie. This device is intended for Verizon Prepaid customers, so we subsidize part of the cost of the phone.

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  5. Because of this, it needs to be active on a Verizon Prepaid line for a certain amount of time before it can be used on a postpaid Verizon Wireless line, or with another carrier. Yes 2. Yes 1. However, the One Zoom leaves us with a few questions. The One Zoom features the same Snapdragon found in the Moto Z4, which left us wanting in the performance department. Also a question is the software. Otherwise, the One Zoom looks to be a solid mid-range smartphone.

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    The Moto Z3 Play flirts with the high-end, thanks to its use of glass for the front and back. The Moto G7 features a 6. The 3,mAh battery seems small on paper, but delivered great endurance in our review. Motorola made some sacrifices to get the Moto G7 to its price tag, one of which is the exclusion of NFC. Otherwise, we have a hard time not recommending the Moto G7 to anyone looking for a good and affordable smartphone.

    It has the same basic design as the last phone family in the series, the Moto G7 , but the Moto G8 Plus has some interesting additions, including to its camera setup. The Moto G8 Plus features a 6. The 4,mAh battery inside the Moto G8 Plus is a big step up from the 3,mAh battery on the G7, so this phone should last all day on a single charge. The phone has a 25MP front-facing camera, which is great for taking selfies. The phone does come with Android 9 Pie out of the box, instead of Android It supports 45W charging for its 4,mAh battery.

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    Overall, the Motorola One Hyper has some very interesting features for a mid-range smartphone. One of the newer members of the expanding Motorola One range, the Motorola One Action is a quirky smartphone. Motorola tilted the lens by 90 degrees, meaning you can shoot landscape video while holding the phone in portrait mode.

    In his review , our Oliver Cragg actually liked the convenience of recording wide-angle video without flipping the phone sideways to do so. Also read: Motorola One Action review: Action camera hero or budget flop? The latest entry in the ongoing Moto E series, the Moto E6 keeps its ambitions firmly in check. That means a 5. The Moto E6 is the furthest thing from a Fortnite machine. Both phones share the same Snapdragon processor, expandable storage, and low price tags.

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    The Moto E5 Plus is available through several U. Modeled after the classic Moto Razr flip phone, this new incarnation has a clamshell design but folds vertically to reveal a 6. It certainly will be a conversation starter at parties. That makes it much easier to put in a pants pocket or handbag. It also has a small 2,mAh battery.