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How to Use Google Hangouts - Detailed Tutorial

Hangouts Google Inc. Latest version Hangouts Chat is the new professional communication service from Google It's been a few months now since Google announced their plan to split their instant messaging client into two separate services. Opinions about Hangouts 4. Hangouts good. Hangouts Good and faster.

Hangouts Chat: Google's answer to Slack

Hangouts it's a great android app I like it. Or it is paid?? Previous versions 1 You can use Google Drive from within Google Hangouts. Google Drive is an incredible app for people who want to store images, stories, drawings, recordings, videos, designs, and files on a secure platform. You receive 15 GB of free storage. If you want to share folders and files with others on Google Hangouts, you can do that with ease.

Four Apps You Need to Add to Google Hangouts

You can always upgrade your storage if you want. You will have to pay money for additional storage though. You can pay for additional storage via PayPal or credit card. With ScreenShare, you do not need to do that. You can share what is on your screen through ScreenShare with ease.

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You can share remote device content which includes videos, images, music, web pages, and other types of documents via this app, directly from your smartphone or any other handheld device to other devices. In addition to this, you can download two other mini apps, ScreenShare browser and ScreenShare Organizer. ScreenShare Organizer allows you to share and play music, images, videos, documents, and more from within the app whereas ScreenShare browser allows you to go online without being in the radius of a Wi-Fi signal.

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By far, this remains one of the most popular dual screen apps to download on your device. You can add video calls you need to make to Google Calendar under events.

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  7. In doing so, it makes it easier for people to join you. Consider going premium.

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    Premium features allow you to title your video calls when you add them to the calendar event page. Enter the name of the URL to join another video call. You will also be able to view the latest video calls planned.

    Make voice and video calls and send messages

    Since you may have planned several videos, you need to name them all differently so people who plan on joining you during the video call know which one they need to click.