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These phones are large and it makes sense to stick larger batteries in them. This one comes with a 3, mAh battery.

Spyware for cell phones Samsung Galaxy Note8 | Cellphone Tracker App

Though that is no longer as amazing as it seemed some years ago, it offers solid battery life. In our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 , Lanh mentions he was able to take the phone through a full work day, averaging somewhere between 15 and 18 hours off the charger. The phone supports fast charging using both wired and wireless chargers. Remember Samsung DeX?

Of course, the S Pen

The Korean manufacturer introduced it along with the Samsung Galaxy S8. This device pretty much turns your smartphone into a desktop PC. The dock hooks into a monitor, keyboard and mouse, then the phone transforms its mobile UI into something that looks more like a desktop OS. I used it for a whole week and it proved to be a very interesting experience. Some things are a bit off, but for many it could theoretically replace a PC, and it will be a very enticing tool for professionals who want an enhanced smartphone experience.

He could then simply carry his phone around and seamlessly use the same system wherever they go. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a beautiful, if over-priced, high-tech gadget.

Note Cam Pro Apk

It could be a great tool for those who know how to take advantage of its many functions. Are you getting one? Edgar Cervantes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: How to View and Monitor Mobile Data Usage

Of course, the S Pen Some see it as a gimmick. Screen size matters.

Galaxy Note 8 Review: Redemption Never Looked So Good

Comments Read comments. You Might Like. When should you expect to receive Android 10? Updated March Get the Android Authority app on Google Play. Sunday Giveaway. Oppo Find X2 Pro international giveaway! If you need ports, then you can also use a cheap USB-C hub instead of a cable — but these can be a little fiddly. Later, with the release of the Galaxy S9 , the DeX Pad was added, which also allowed you to use your phone as a trackpad.

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Why would you want to? No matter how good DeX is, it used to be that it would require a spare monitor, mouse, and keyboard to just be lying around, waiting to be used. Essentially a computer without the computer, using DeX required a lot of setup — and that made it a hard sell for many people, who probably already had a computer or laptop they used at work, home, or both. While a phone is extremely useful for working on the go, for real productivity, a mouse and keyboard are vital, and DeX requires both to get the most out of it.

In brief, anything you can do with your phone or tablet — but in a more easily used desktop environment.

How to Know your Data Usage on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung offers a variety of DeX-optimized apps in its Galaxy Store, which you can access from the top of the app drawer. Just like a computer or laptop, you can add certain apps to your desktop for easy access, or right-click an open app to pin it to the taskbar. The best gaming tablets for 2 days ago.

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