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Applications and Case Studies. Cross-Cultural Design. Methods, Tools and User Experience. Culture and Society. However, this feature is enabled by default in the antivirus, disabled in the firewall. A sandboxed program runs in a virtual environment, unable to permanently change important system areas. When you empty the sandbox, all virtualized changes vanish. You can actively launch any program in the sandbox, or open a fully virtualized desktop, isolated from the regular desktop.

The main feature of the virtualized desktop is the Comodo Dragon browser. By virtualizing your online transactions, you protect them from manipulation by other processes.

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The Dragon browser includes a useful collection of bonus apps, among them a media downloader, a price-comparison tool, and a tool for quickly sharing or searching text from Web pages. This is not a tool for foiling attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in the operating system and popular programs. Rather, when it detects suspicious behavior by a program, it asks you what to do. You can allow the behavior, block it, or choose to treat the program in question as an installer. I tested it with a collection of utilities that share certain behaviors with malware.

Comodo only blocked the installer for one, and when I opted to treat it as an installer, I had no further problem. While Comodo Firewall isn't an antivirus itself, it includes the option to create an antivirus rescue disk, and the process of creating this disk is quite easy. You can also use it to launch Comodo's cleanup-only tool to wipe out persistent malware. As you can see, this product has a lot in common with Comodo Antivirus, but don't worry; there are plenty of firewall-specific functions too.

Each time you connect to a new network, it asks whether it's a home, work, or public network. When you're connected to a public network, Comodo puts all the system's ports in stealth mode, meaning they can't be seen from outside. It's true that Windows Firewall also accomplishes this feat, but Comodo does it just as well. Unlike Windows Firewall, Comodo lets enthusiasts get an alert on each unsolicited connection attempt. The same is true of ZoneAlarm.

Symantec Norton Security Premium is the champ in this area. In testing, it blocked more exploits than any other recent product, and it did so at the network level, before the exploit even reached the test system.

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When the firewall detects an attempted network connection by a new program, it asks you what to do about it. You can choose to allow the attempt, block it, or treat the suspect program as a browser or FTP client. If you choose to block access, you can also terminate the program, or terminate it and reverse its actions. Testing Comodo with my hand-coded browser, I found the firewall query appeared only after three distinct warnings from the HIPS. I also tried a few leak tests, programs that attempt to evade firewall control by manipulating or masquerading as trusted programs.

21st HCI International Conference, HCII 12222, Orlando, FL, USA, July 26–31, 12222, Proceedings

These triggered plenty of HIPS warnings, as well as firewall warnings. I had to turn off the File Rating component for this test, because it terminated them as potentially unwanted programs. While Comodo's HIPS and firewall popups aren't as overwhelming as they were a few versions ago, they still give the user a lot to consider.

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  4. The firewall components in Norton and Kaspersky Internet Security track suspicious behaviors, but perform their own internal analysis rather than expecting the user to make complex security decisions. ZoneAlarm pioneered the concept that a personal firewall must defend itself against attack.

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    If malware can disable firewall protection programmatically, the protection isn't worth much, right? I couldn't find any Registry entry that would serve as an off switch for Comodo Firewall, and when I tried to terminate its process I got an Access Denied message.