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Because the phone has only one rear-facing lens, the device needs to rely on software, not optics, to blur the background. Some high-end devices, like the Pixel 3 and iPhone XR , can accomplish software-based bokeh without a noticeable drop in quality. However, Motorola's computational photography isn't quite up to that level, and that leads to unwelcome artifacts and inconsistent blurring on the edges of my colleague Shaun's face. Additionally, Nokia's handset just does a much better job picking up those finer details in Shaun's face, as well as his skin tone.

Finally, the G7 Power's 8-MP front-facing camera also seems pretty much the same as the one in the G7. Problem is, it's not a particularly great shooter for selfies, as its shots are often noisy and just blurry enough that they always seem slightly out of focus. The Nokia 7. The Snapdragon system-on-chip and the 3GB of RAM in the G7 Power are sufficient for ordinary duties, like web browsing, navigation and social media. Just don't expect this phone to handle demanding games.

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Even on the battle-royale shooter's lowest graphical settings and with the frame rate set to prioritize smoothness over visual fidelity, the experience was still jerky, which made it difficult for me to pick off enemy combatants. F1 Mobile Racing ran much more consistently, though again at remarkably low settings. In fact, the resolution was so low and track-side scenery and lighting were so sparse that it looked worse than a PlayStation 2 game. The culprit is the phone's Adreno GPU.

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It's an old chip that can't keep pace with its modern contemporaries, in phones such as the Nokia 7. And it very clearly demonstrated its limits during 3DMark's Ice Storm Unlimited graphical benchmark, in which the G7 Power managed only 14, Some budget phones, including Nokia's, actually max this test.

Fortunately, Geekbench 4's overall test of system performance proved to be much more the G7 Power's forte. There, the inexpensive handset delivered a score of 4, — nearly points behind the Moto G7's mark and around behind that of the pricier, more powerful, Snapdragon equipped Nokia 7. Up to this point, the G7 Power probably seems like a totally serviceable, if uninspiring budget phone. And that conclusion would be mostly accurate; in fact, it's the same impression we came away with regarding the regular G7. However, the G7 Power happens to have an ace up its sleeve — one the other Moto models don't — in its 5,mAh battery.

And it's this battery that propelled the phone to an astonishing 15 hours and 35 minutes of endless web-page streaming over T-Mobile's LTE network in our testing. This runtime makes the Moto G7 Power the longest-lasting phone we've tested in the last two years.

For those keeping count, that's 7 hours longer than the 8 hours and 50 minutes the standard G7 granted us and more than twice as long as the 7 hours and 41 minutes from the Nokia 7. And it's that endurance — especially in an era when it seems like phones are lasting less and less time on a charge — that makes the G7 Power stand apart from the budget crowd. The G7 Power's battery life is the primary reason you should want this phone. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the amount of time it takes to top that battery back up. Motorola has set a precedent for supporting its handsets with a quality, pure Android experience, and the G7 Power is no different.

While Motorola hasn't fussed with Google's stock software experience, the manufacturer has given the G7 Power a number of extra features and shortcuts via the appropriately named Moto app. In that app, you'll find options for gesture controls, old favorites like chopping to trigger the flashlight and twisting for the camera, and the always-on Moto Display feature, which elegantly serves up notifications and alerts even while the phone is in a low-power, sleep state.

Moto Display was one of the first always-on interfaces on a smartphone, and even though it hasn't really changed in years, it's still just as convenient and useful today. The G7 Power is not a flashy device. For the most part, it's a fine option for a cheap phone, with performance that's serviceable so long as you don't game and a software experience and selection of features that are among the finest in its class.

But the G7 Power stands apart in one big way: battery life. It's this handset's claim to fame, and it's a factor that shouldn't be overlooked. The peace of mind of having a phone that lasts an eternity is worth it. While the Nokia 7. Tom's Guide. Home Reviews. I found that when using something like portrait mode if the lighting wasn't just right, the camera struggled. When using the regular camera mode, I found the G7 to slightly overexpose most shots.

This is typical of most lower-end phones, however, so I wasn't terribly surprised.

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I like the placement of the fingerprint sensor on the back of the G7. It's in a spot that's easy to find with my finger, and the phone unlocks without any delay once it registers my fingerprint. I did have some issues with the sensor not recognizing a registered finger, but after deleting and re-registering my fingerprint I have yet to experience any hiccups. I can't think of another low-end smartphone line that's continued to push the boundaries of what a budget smartphone is and should be able to do.

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Motorola continues to blur the lines of budget and high end, without raising the end cost. If you need a new phone but don't want to spend a ton of money, you can't really go wrong with the Moto G7. Doogee S80 hands-on: A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone. By registering, you agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices outlined in the Privacy Policy.

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