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The phone feels noticeably smoother than the S8, despite having the same processor. This is aided by the fact OnePlus has implemented a noticeably more responsive display. Some users complained about the slow response times with the 3 and 3T, but the 5 feels every bit as fast as the Google Pixel to my eye. In a similar small bit of polish, OnePlus is using a better vibration motor that feels a fair bit more satisfying the fuzzy buzz of prior generations. Photos during daylight are excellent — OnePlus handles high dynamic range with aplomb, and colors are vibrant and punchy. Keep in mind though that the telephoto camera has a worse sensor and smaller aperture, and low light images suffer for it — stick to the main camera when you can.

OnePlus said it concentrated the bulk of its efforts on software this time around, and it shows. Of course, the portrait mode is the headline feature, and OnePlus succeeded here, at least compared to its peers. Past experience has been very hit-or-miss with artificial shallow depth of field on smartphones, especially on Android devices. Hair and foliage are their bane, but the OnePlus 5 does a consistently convincing job, and it works on non-human subjects too.

Review: OnePlus 5T

That said, it can be a bit finicky about needing enough light or being at the right distance, but when the feature is active, it does a pretty swell job. The last piece of the equation is battery life, and once again, it impresses. Good Ergonomic and light Good primary camera Very good system and app performance Fast charging works very well Handy software features Bad Uninspiring design Weak sunlight legibility Dual camera setup feels half-baked No stabilisation at 4K.

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  • OnePlus 5 Videos. OnePlus 5 Review OnePlus 5 Review. OnePlus 5 Full Specifications General.

    OnePlus 7T Review: A Premium, Practical Smartphone without Gimmicks

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    A Familiar Premium Design

    OnePlus 5 User Review and Ratings 4. Displaying of 2, reviews. Here comes the new King!! Isa Farraj Aug 2, on Gadgets Recommends. I have been using this phone for a month now, and i just can't believe its speed, smoothness and battery performance. The camera is even better than i expected, dash charging is awesome. Conclusion: this beast is beautiful, it's superior and it definitely worth every penny.

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    Is this review helpful? You can tweak the clock style of the ambient display, or the fingerprint unlocking animation sadly, there are no new options, and the colors remain fixed and un-customizable. You can still customize accent colors, and you now get a preview of which elements get changed, and how they look under the new color. Instead of a color box based on the hue in the rainbow slider, however, OxygenOS 10 gives you two different sliders to finely pick the right color for your UI.

    You can also change the icon shape in the quick setting tiles, with new square, teardrop, and round rectangle options. Of course, you can also turn on dark mode, which the company has been offering since its second device. Switching to dark mode also enables dark mode in third-party apps that rely on the system dark mode settings. Those are the main notable aspects and changes of the user interface.

    OxygenOS still offers a fairly straightforward yet flexible user interface that looks clean and tidy. In terms of software features, this T revision offers largely the same features as previous OxygenOS versions and everything that OnePlus users can expect when Android 10 arrives to their devices.

    Competition-beating hardware

    You will also find access to Smart Reply in all messaging apps, the improved Sharing menu, overhauled permissions, and of course… gesture-based navigation. OnePlus has been offering its own robust set of lockscreen gestures for years, which lets you draw certain shapes when the screen is off and map those actions to apps or specific shortcuts. Another great OxygenOS feature that I use daily is the ability to take screenshots with a three-finger swipe down the screen. Android 10, on the other hand, brings its own take on gestures… and so far, it seems not everyone is a fan.

    Like with Android 10, you can swipe from the bottom corners to trigger Google Assistant , and OnePlus also lets you hide the navigation bar altogether in order to maximize screen real estate. At the same time, though, these gestures are quite fluid and transitioning between apps by sliding across the bottom of the screen is not only quick but also extremely satisfying given the overall fluidity of the device and its 90Hz display.

    As for unlocking, we still have access to face unlock which remains one of the quickest albeit not necessarily safest solutions on the market. According to OnePlus, the under-display fingerprint scanner of the OnePlus 7T sees accuracy improvements over previous generations due to software tuning. One of my favorite OxygenOS features is tied to fingerprint unlocking as well: after unlocking the device, you can keep holding the screen to bring up a customizable menu of app shortcuts.

    By continuing to hold the finger, you can scroll across the horizontal list, and releasing the finger launches the application. This is an excellent feature if, for example, you typically unlock your phone to look at a social media feed. Given you can initiate the gesture within your pocket, you are effectively able to have the specific app ready by the time you draw out your phone. OxygenOS is littered with small, useful features like that. For example, they offer one of the best screenshot editors out there, allowing you to quickly crop, rotate and even blur portions of the screenshot.

    They were also one of the first ones to include expanded screenshots, which often come in handy. They also have a simple video editor that lets you quickly trim clips, add filters, and also add music from a small and admittedly awful selection of tunes. This last feature is particularly neat because of the excellent built-in screen recorder, which can be accessed from the quick toggles. This brings a floating window that lets you start, pause and stop recording your screen, and a settings menu to configure the recording process.

    Now, you can even choose 24MBps bit rate up from a maximum of 20 and lower the framerate from 60 to 30, 34 or 15 FPS.

    OnePlus 5 Review

    This screen recorder is perfect for gaming, in particular when you want to share a great flank replay with others. Speaking of gaming, in recent months, the company has expanded its old Do Not Disturb Gaming mode into a fleshed-out service with its own app. You can quickly launch your games by swiping cross their respective cards in a horizontal list, or a more traditional app icon approach.

    With Game Space, you can make it so that whenever you receive notifications while in a game, you only get a discreet text pop-up. You can also turn call notifications from third-party apps into text pop-ups, make it so that calls are automatically answered via the speaker, and turn off auto-brightness for your games. Other options include haptic feedback enhancement, automatic network switching to avoid lag, and graphics optimization in the form of improved shadow details.

    Whenever you are inside a game, a persistent notification will allow you to access Game Space settings or turn on Fnatic mode directly with a button shortcut. You can also save these stats as screenshots, or share them directly from the app to let everyone know how much you are not using your new phone.

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    • Beyond these note-worthy features, OxygenOS offers a plethora of extra functionality. By contrast, there are also features I personally hardly ever use, yet might come in handy to some of you. Parallel apps let you essentially log in with two different accounts on the same app, in supported services like Discord or FB Messenger; the App Locker lets you make it so that certain apps require authentication, and also lets you hide their notification content.

      Quick Reply in landscape lets you reply to an incoming notification by essentially opening a smaller version of the app to the side. You get the idea. If you already have a OnePlus device, though, you can expect all of these features via software updates.

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      Given the nature of our battery life and performance tests, in particular, we were not able to complete our comprehensive analysis in time for this review. For now, these sections will include my first impressions for each respective category, and each section will also focus on the new additions that the OnePlus 7T brings over previous OnePlus devices.

      With the OnePlus 7T, the company is bringing its triple camera arrangement from the ultra-premium to the premium category, a move that will undoubtedly help it compete better against upcoming camera juggernauts like the Google Pixel 4. The OnePlus 7 Pro offered a versatile mix with its 48MP primary rear shooter, complemented by a telephoto and a wide-angle camera, and the OnePlus 7T mimics this approach with some slight changes.

      Both are extremely serviceable shooters, and this also means that the differences we found with the OnePlus 7 Pro are essentially due to different software, with our 7 Pro samples not coming out of OxygenOS In the samples above, you can see that macro mode does indeed take some excellent close-up pictures, with sharp detail and decent focus on the tiny subjects at a distance of 2.

      I was originally quite disappointed with the camera experience provided by the OnePlus 7 Pro, which has time and time again ruined shots other phones would have an easy time with. That being said, some of the issues persist here, with images that often look a bit too soft and bright, simply not getting the exposure or highlights right at all.

      The front-facing camera is also fairly good, but again, we will be revisiting these assessments when we publish our full camera review.