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Meizu M6T (5.7", 13MP, 16GB/2GB) - Black

Tap Location access. In the opened applications list tap Find My Kids app and select Allow in the opened dialog: Close settings and go to the home screen.

Find the Find My Kids app and make the switcher checked:. Every other phone had one. And what a waste because the Meizu Zero is a legitimately interesting phone in my opinion. It doesn't have a flashy screen that folds in half, but like, it's hole-less!

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The Meizu Zero is the physical manifestation of an idea Mashable dreamed up years ago with our iPhone concept , where we designed a phone without physical buttons. A port-less and hole-less phone is supposed to be the future — a phone in its purest form as a single pane of glass in your hand.

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That a company is even daring enough to design, build, and hopefully ship such a device by April should be an achievement. There's no earpiece on the Zero. Instead, it uses the display as a speaker to vibrate sound into your ears. My hope was to get a closer look at the Zero and its hole-less design.

How well do the vibrational buttons work? Is its wireless charging really as fast as Meizu claims?

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But because the phone was mostly covered by a metal grip to secure it from theft, all I got to see were slivers of the phone. Perhaps, the Zero was rightfully ignored because it wasn't finished. I mean, the dual cameras on the back didn't even have a completed housing cover to protect the image sensors:.