Samsung Galaxy S10

I have received many questions regarding how to trace your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the event of losing it or even worst.

3 Ways to Remotely Locate Your Lost or Stolen Samsung Galaxy S10

Using Samsung Find My Mobile, you can retrieve logs of your phone and unlock it remotely. You can also choose to display a custom message on your S10 Plus phone screen. If someone gets his hands on the phone, then he can use the on-screen information to contact you. Even more, it also allows you to wipe all the data present in your phone remotely.

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This is why I can only encourage you to enable Find My Mobile in your Samsung Galaxy handset and get ready for any potential unfortunate event. August 1, November 1, September 6, Tap Location. Tap the indicator to turn the function on or off. Tap Google Location Accuracy.

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If you tap the indicator next to "Improve Location Accuracy" to turn on the function, your mobile phone can find your exact position using the GPS satellites, the mobile network and nearby Wi-Fi networks. Satellite-based GPS requires a clear view of the sky. If you tap the indicator next to "Improve Location Accuracy" to turn off the function, your mobile phone can find your exact position using the GPS satellites but it may take longer as there is no access to supplementary information from the mobile network or nearby Wi-Fi networks.

Track and Locate Lost or Stolen Galaxy S10 Plus Remotely

Tap the Home key to return to the home screen. Share this article via email! Just fill in these details and the characters in the box.

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    Galaxy S10 / S10+: How to Track and Find Lost / Missing Phone

    Turn GPS on or off. Back to Apps and media.

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    Step 1 of 9 Find " Location " Slide your finger downwards starting from the top of the screen. Step 2 of 9 Find " Location " Tap the settings icon.