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Starting with the new Android Pie-based OneUI interface on all the S10 models as well as the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 before them , you can head to the Bixby Voice screen to redirect the button to the app or command of their choosing. Simply press the Bixby key to call up Bixby Voice, then tap the three vertical dots on the screen that follows. Go to Settings, then scroll down to the Bixby key item. As it stands, Samsung is only allowing users to remap the single- or double-press functions individually.

But it still gives you a swift and convenient way to unlock your Galaxy S10 without having to press anything. To use it, head over to the Settings app, then the Biometrics and security page.

Samsung Galaxy S10e review

To activate it, go to the Settings app, then Display and then Night mode. You can either leave your phone on Night mode all the time, or set it to a schedule, where it will change from dark to light automatically once the sun goes down in your region. Skin tone smoothing — or beautification filters — are one of those things you either love or hate. Turning skin tone smoothing off is actually quite easy, once you know where to look. A message explaining how to use PowerShare will appear on the screen as long as that feature is in use.

At this point, you can flip the device over and place something on its backside to start the flow of power. One of them is the incessant Secure Wi-Fi notifications users are inundated with after connecting to certain networks, that cannot be individually dismissed.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - Turn your own caller identification on or off | Vodafone UK

And turning them off is almost just as frustrating a process. From this screen you can stop Secure Wi-Fi from blowing up your alerts all the time, returning some peace and order to your notifications. Unless you're moving from a phone that's at least a couple years old, think hard about upgrading.

And they share a lot of DNA. The first thing you'll notice are the displays. They all have an HDR-certified, vivid AMOLED screen that packs an exorbitant number of pixels inside it and gets incredibly close to touching every single edge of the phone—top to bottom, left to right. In fact, there is so much display that Samsung had little room for anything else. It could have carved out a notch at the top for cameras and sensors, like the iPhone, but what fun is that? So instead, Samsung punched a hole in the upper right corner of the display.

BIGGER CLOCK On Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e & Plus (How to Set Up)

The company calls it the Infinity-O display. It's a strange idea, and so far I love it. If you hate it, you can try using a background with a darker top or turn the entire notification bar black to cover it up. All three models are IP68 waterproof and have that metal-and-glass sandwich look that Samsung and Apple have made popular in the last few years. Though fragile please, buy a case , that pane of glass on the back enables wireless charging and a secret new ability: power sharing. The S10 can wirelessly charge other devices.

Samsung claims that each Galaxy S10 gets about 24 hours of mixed use. For me, that translated to about a 40 percent charge at bed time, or a pretty healthy, typical day-and-a-half runtime.

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One day, I had nearly five hours of phone calls don't ask and still went to bed with a modest charge. It took some PUBG and Fortnite matches at high graphics settings to really put a dent in the battery. The Galaxy S10 line also features proficient megapixel selfie cameras and at least two especially excellent rear cameras more on that later.

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You can unlock the phone by touching your thumb directly on the screen. The S10's ultrasonic sensor seems to work after a shower, too! It has a traditional fingerprint sensor on its upper right side. I like the location, and it felt natural on a demo model I held. It may not be as sexy as an in-display sensor, but having your power button and fingerprint sensor share the same space is quite convenient.

Still one of the best cheap flagships

The company finally took its time and figured out some worthwhile ways to make living with a big phone easier. For example, many of the app interfaces keep all of the buttons reachable from the bottom half of the screen. You can scroll them upward, but always pull them down far enough to tap any button. Puzzlingly, the power button is placed incredibly high on the right side of every Galaxy S You may notice a second key that looks like a power button right under the volume toggle.

Annoyingly, Samsung does allow you to remap the button. Bixby also shows up in the otherwise excellent camera app as Bixby Vision. Aim it at a floor and it will try to sell you tiles. Aim it at a door and it might tell you how to buy a knob. Aim it at a computer kiosk and it will try to sell you … piano keys. It tries to turn your camera into a buy button but lacks the smarts to do it right. Galaxy S phones are known for high-quality optics, and the S10 is no exception.

Every Galaxy S10 has a very nice megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and a megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera with a degree field of view. The two larger models also have a bonus megapixel telephoto lens that enables 2X zoom. Samsung will save you the effort, too.

You can just scroll in and out more like a traditional camera, and it will automatically switch lenses when appropriate. The interface is easy to grasp and comes loaded with tweaks and extras, including a Pro mode and enhanced panoramas. The S10 captures better shots than almost any phone out there.

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The lens did a great job pulling in more light and color than I expected on a particularly brisk evening walk through the park.