Despite only asking a bit more than a Benjamin, this phone still comes with three years of monthly security updates and two years of major OS updates, which is more than some flagship smartphones. Also better than many flagship smartphones: it runs stock Android with no crapware. It also looks pretty good for a cheap phone, with a big 6.

Nokia 7.2/6.2 and Nokia Spy App

For cameras, you get a 5MP front camera, and, new for this year, a dual camera setup in the back, with a 13MP main camera and a 2MP depth camera. There are some nice extras here, too, like a micro SD slot, a headphone jack, FM Radio support, and a dedicated Google Assistant button on the side. There are some downsides that come with the low price. First, there's no fingerprint reader. See There are various camera ports for various phone models listed below. Thanks to Back Rider for this stunning GCam 6.

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The following will work fine with al Nokia 7 variants like 7. Here is the stunning GCam 6.

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The Gcam by back. We have also listed the full downloads repository from various recognized developers like BSG, Arnova, TlnNeun, that you can test it by yourself and not left stuck on older versions. As this Google Camera app has been configured for the Samsung Galaxy S7, all you need to do is install the app and use it directly without any settings.

Howeevr, do the following first. Nokia 1. One of the first phones to launch with Android 10 Go edition , the Nokia 1. Plus, you will stay up to date and benefit from an experience that just keeps getting better with a device that will be ready for Android 11 Go edition. The HMD Connect global data roaming keeps you connected in an easier way to the things that matter to you the most, paying only for what you need. The HMD Connect global data roaming service currently works in over countries across the globe, and, together with partner Greenwave Systems and local operators, HMD Global is working to expand the coverage to even more networks and countries in the future.

Photo tracking app for nokia 6

Driving on roads can be quite challenging, especially with lots of tailgaters around. In addition, there are hit and run cases wherein someone hits your car carelessly and does not bother to stop to report the incident. Even when you are not driving, someone could actually damage your car in the parking lot while reversing or on their way out of the parking lot. In such a scenario, you would never have footage for an insurance claim to prove there indeed was a second party involved.

During such instances, one device that can come to your rescue by recording such instances is a dashcam. The device features a 3-inch display and a 2. You also get an automatic collision detection sensor G-Sensor that warns you for lane departures and forward collisions. The entire footage is autosaved on micro SD cards with the device supporting memory cards with storage capacities of up to 32GB.

The DCGW dash cam also features a built-in speaker and microphone, and a low lux sensor for better night vision. Inside the box, you get the DCGW dash cam, a suction holder, a car charger, and the user manual. The dashcam can be paired with the Hubble Connected Dashcam app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Review: Motorola DC300GW Dash Cam

The app can then be used for in-app live viewing and playback. The overall build quality and design of the dashcam is very good. The quality of the footage recorded by the dashcam is quite good, too. However, one thing that is sort of a niggle is the way the micro SD gets inserted into the device. Once you have inserted the micro SD into the device, it is quite difficult to eject the micro SD from the slot, unless you really pry it out using a tool like a flat screwdriver.

It would have helped if Motorola had thought of adding a quick-release switch or something to the device to quickly release the micro SD. But, if you are looking for features such as in-app live viewing and playback capabilities, low lux sensor for night vision, lane departure and forward collisions warnings, the Motorola DCGW Dash Cam could be one of the options you could look at. It is the latest masterpiece of our much-loved Reno series.

Nokia () Daredevil leaked Specifications, Release Date, Photos, Price & more

Many cutting-edge imaging technologies and design techniques are perfectly fitted into the Reno3 series, making it a highly competitive and trendy photography smartphone. We are confident that Reno3 series will carry on the Reno legacy by providing its users with a holistic experience, further strengthening our regional market presence, and redefining the way trend-setting elites leverage new-age technology on their smartphones.

For mobile gamers, MediaTek Helio P95 also includes MediaTek HyperEngine gaming technology, for fast, fluid graphics and responsive, uninterrupted gameplay. Reno3 Pro challenges the restrictions of distance, lighting and shaky footage to deliver photos and videos of outstanding quality. Reno3 Pro can meet the needs for the ultra-wide angle, standard, and telephoto photography, even up to 20x digital zoom to capture magnificence in the distance. The 44MP ultra-clear primary camera delivers high-definition selfies with authentic details.

The super high pixel camera captures finer details, making the photos more clear and vivid. As taking a selfie at night is popular amongst young explorers, Ultra Night Selfie Mode guarantees them to capture clarity and brightness in dim light. The anti-shake effect, smoothness, and image quality are beyond expectations with a high frame rate of P 60fps on Ultra Steady Video mode and P 30fps on brand new Ultra Steady Video Pro mode.

Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2 - TOP FEATURES

With ColorOS 7, Reno3 Series also offers a significantly improved gaming performance to provide an immersive and smooth gaming experience. Moreover, the Dark Mode creates a superior reading experience in all-day conditions, helping users concentrate more and reducing battery consumption.

Powered by Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res Audio, Reno3 Series empowers users to enjoy the audio banquet anytime, anywhere, and light up their life. Inspired by the natural skylights, Reno3 Series comes with two stunning back colours, Auroral Blue and Midnight Black, echoing the beauty of nature. Customers who pre-order can collect their phones from March 26th onwards and will be receiving exclusive gifts worth up to AED In addition, there are hit and run