Huawei Nova 3i - Tech Specifications

This makes the bulge less of an issue. This is definitely one of the best fingerprint sensors in general.

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Huawei nova plus top edge. Huawei nova plus power button and volume rocker. The Huawei nova plus has a 5. This results in more than comfortable density of pixels per inch, and no one should complain about its imaging sharpness.

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The colors have average saturation, which differs from other smartphones with large IPS displays. Those usually push saturation, and have more vivacious imaging. With the nova plus though, this is primarily because its display is not very bright. Contrast loses a lot of its sustainability, and averagely saturated colors blend together.

Here, the P9 is better, and glare resistance one of the primary differentiators between the flagship and the mid-range.

Huawei Nova 3i - Reviews

The Qualcomm octa-core Snapdragon chipset was a good pick for the nova plus on paper, with its eight Cortex-A53 cores running a 2. The Huawei nova plus comes with 32GB of memory storage. In practice, this chipset functions solidly, with satisfactory speed and no hints of slowing down over time and a nova plus loaded with apps. Running GeekBench 3, the device scored in the single-core test, and in multi-core test.

The flagship Huawei P9 scored and on the same tests, respectively.

Looking at connectivity, the two SIM card setup is less than ideal. Only one offers a 4G connection, while the other is limited to 2G data transfer speed, and doubles as the microSD card slot. The 4G connection card transfers data according to the Cat. It is possible to watch Full HD videos with the display brightness set to the max for nearly 8 hours, while the phone should be recharged every other night with average usage.

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It is praiseworthy that the user can choose between three power management modes. The usual one is simply called Standard, meaning it uses the optimal ratio of hardware performance for any task. Performance mode removes processor limitations, with no regard to battery savings. Specifically, the Huawei nova plus shoots exceptionally beautiful images in daylight, complete with correct exposure, realistically saturated colors, and plenty of detail which we expect in a megapixel camera. Focusing is also very difficult in low light.

It either takes too long, or loses focus all together. To be fair, the Huawei nova plus produces outstanding night pics shot up close, thanks to its solid flashes, which also make it great for selfies. Connectique audio: 3. Huawei Page d'accueil. Huawei Nova 3 Note moyenne: My colleagues who took the photos above also enjoyed using it and to sum up the experience, it's a really convenient way of going around the city streets for a night photography activity without having to bring a tripod around.

Going for an official price of RM, we heartily recommend that you go to the official Huawei store, authorized dealers and Huawei official online shopping platform to buy this phone! Stay tuned for more tech news and reviews at TechNave. It has good battery timings with good camera results, only the price is a little high. In daylight conditions, the cameras performed really well. The only issue which we had was in terms of focus, as the device takes a few seconds to properly focus the subject, which often leads to mixed results in low light conditions.

Apart from the cameras, it features some of the best specifications, the display surely looks promising and the device's overall performance, including the battery life, is impressive. Even though it directly compete with OnePlus 6, it still stands strong by offering Quad Camera and a beautiful looking phone. There is a good reason to choose the Nova 3 over the Honor 10 due to its refined design, additional camera features, and more storage with microSD support.

Huawei Nova 5T review cheat sheet

It comes with quad cameras, but to be honest, the cameras work better when you turn the AI mode off and use the main camera to capture images naturally. The AI feature, however, assists you when you want to capture photos in low light. The phone can also perform well and can run games easily but with so many smartphones from Huawei and Honor out there running the same processor, which one should you get? The phone has a newer design and four cameras that will appeal to a lot of users. The build quality is great and thanks to the Iris purple colour option, Nova 3 looks stylish.

Huawei Nova 5T Smartphone Review – Honor Clone With Improvements

I would say it competes closely with OnePlus 6 in terms of what it offers, though on the camera front OnePlus has the edge. Huawei Nova 3 is a well-rounded phone, though I wish the user interface was a little less cluttered. Huawei Nova 3 Review — Flagship to beat? All these standards met as we tested the Nova 3.

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