Select settings for Find My Device on your Huawei P smart 12222 Android 9.0

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Use google translator. It us it not works. Thank you for coming to our Page. So one of team our team member will help you as soon as possible. Thank You for Staying with us. August 1, February 13, January 29, Here is the procedure to change the language in Android Operating System: N. Thread starter akrs Start date Jan 23, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Cell Phones Android Smartphones. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Jan 23, 1 0 10 0. I could easily get them to play the sound, but when it came to getting back all the features, when i tried to install apps like AirBattery it didn t work.

Huawei P smart Z User Manual

It told me that my phone s hardware doesn t support AirPods 2 even tho I can get them to play sound. So now I can t use all the cool features like detecting when the airpod is removed from the ear, double touch or just being able to check the battery. Also, when trying on different Android phones, like a Samsung a50 and EVEN a Huawei p20, i did get the apps to recognize the airpods, so I m guessing there is something wrong with my phone I d be very grateful if someone could help me.

Apr 6, 25, , 12, Also you need to check with the app makers for whatever apps you are trying to use it with to find out if they also are supported by your device.

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Just because you have an an Android phone doesn't mean it supports everything. Two other things to check It happens more than you might think. Are there any apps on your device that is causing this to occur? Apps that may not be on the other devices you tried them on. These are where I would start. Dec 10, 16 0 2. Of course, there is a way to use your AirPods 2 with two different smartphones.

Huawei P Smart Z: How to insert the SIM card? Installation of the 2 nano SIM cards

But sometimes, this creates problems. If you are using your second generation AirPods with iPhone and Android, try to pair it with a single device at a time.

Unable to switch noise reduction mode through operating system. Initial connection does not pop up the instructions. You must log in or register to reply here. Android Smartphones 2 Feb 28, I Question The mobile phone can't connect to the internet with this particular sim card, but this sim card working fine on another mobile phone.

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    The maximum size for expanded storage is GB. Honor 8X review: well-disguised economy in phablet form. The display is 6. The resolution is 2, x 1, pixels and the aspect ratio is That gives pixels per inch ppi. In this price range, Honor uses an LCD display. Even if it is "only" an LCD, it looks really good. It has strong colors, good viewing angles and also convinces with its brightness.

    What one thinks of this screen size is, of course, individual. The screen's clearly too big for me. Not because I like to stare at small displays, but because such a large screen is also associated with a certain operational awkwardness. But anyone who plans to consume a lot of multimedia content on this display will be happy with it. Because it's a good size for watching movies on the go.

    Especially because nothing interrupts the picture here. In itself, the smartphone would therefore also be ideally suited for gamers too. Here only the performance gets in the way, but more on that later. The Honor 9X comes with Google services. That's usually not worth an extra mention. So the Google-certified Android, on which all Google services are available, is a win for Honor. First and foremost, of course, the Google Play Store is there to download apps. Huawei fans might already have noticed when looking at the spec sheet that the Honor 9X is reminiscent of a certain Huawei smartphone.

    This is a slightly modified version of the Huawei P Smart Z. Want a pop-up camera on a budget? Meet the Huawei P Smart Z. In fact, the two smartphones are almost identical not only in terms of equipment. Since the Huawei P Smart Z has of course already been certified by Google, this also applies to this device - and the Google services have also landed on this smartphone. A clever trick. The other special feature of the Honor 9X is the pop-up camera. We have already seen them on some smartphones and I remain skeptical. Of course, Huawei and Honor assure that the mechanism has been extensively tested.

    Also, I haven't seen a broken pop-up camera on any of my colleagues' phones yet. But having mechanical parts on a device that you carry in your trouser or jacket pocket all the time and that can slip out of your hand, makes you feel uncomfortable. It is clear that thanks to the pop-up camera a lot of screen is available.

    Since I'm not a selfie fan, it's a good option. The camera is there, but if you don't use it, you basically have a smartphone without a front camera and I like that. However, if you want the large, uninterruptible screen and constantly take selfies, you should be warned: the pop-up camera takes a little time to move out. Of course, this is bearable, but annoying when using the front camera all the time. Presumably also for this reason, Honor has refrained from facial recognition unlocking here.

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    No one would want to unlock a smartphone at this speed. You don't have to like it, but it is easy to use. Honor installs a little superfluous software here, such as another browser.