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The App's icon gets a little Briefcase on it to signify that it's a Work app, and you have to set up a second Pin, Knock Code or Password for it I'm not sure if this can be the same it not.

I made mine different. When you load it, it asks for the code, and then opens a normal looking play store, except none of your apps are downloaded yet. Any app that you download with this play store get that same little Briefcase icon, and exist as "Work" apps, which basically lets you install two copies of any app. Some limitations: any Launchers that you attempt to download within the Work Environment will only include Work Environment Apps within their app drawers.

Widget's are funky too. Work Environment Apps that have widgets do not have them become available universally, the way that normal apps do.

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Work Environment Launchers with widgets, for instance, can only load those widgets within that launcher. Basically, "Work" dual loaded Launchers just aren't a great idea. Island also adds another APK installer, do you can install any downloaded apk in the work environment. I haven't tested installing an alternative app store in the work environment, but I would imagine that one would still install apps from it into the Work Environment as well. Untested theory though. Using island, you can load to copies of, say, social media apps, and then have both apps running at the same time, one on one display, the other on the other, whereas, normally trying this would just cause the app to jump over to that screen, rather than dual booting.

In most cases, you can log in the same account, or a different account, on the two screens. Be actively watching two different Discord servers on your device, from one single account, for instance, if you'd like. Island is a little funky in certain regards, as it's still in development, but I've gotta say, it works very well at this point. And it basically makes every app in existence dual screen compatible. I haven't tried installing a Qslide app in the Work Environment yet. I'm intrigued, now that I'm thinking about it.

Shoot, I've written a serious mini novel here.

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I guess I'll stick a bookmark in it here for now. I'll keep this Thread up to date on what I've discovered though. I've got a few avenues that I want to explore. Junior Member. Thanks Meter : 0. Join Date: Joined: Oct There is a theory that as it's effectively casting to the second screen Sky Go blocks the TV content.

However, the company has drawn tighter regulatory scrutiny due to how popular these devices are among teenagers. Read on to find out more about what Juul's entry into India would mean. This media is not supported in your browser.

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Google disables app that it used to track user behaviour After Apple banned Facebook from its business app program for tracking teen browsing history, Google has now stepped out to announce that it has disabled its own iPhone app that it was using to study users' digital habits. Zuckerberg confirms merging WhastApp, Messenger, Instagram into one unified platform Zuckerberg says merging the three apps will spread the benefits of end-to-end encryption across all platforms.

E-commerce rules that went into effect in India on Friday caused widespread disruption for Amazon. Apple turned off the FaceTime group chat feature on Monday as its engineers worked to fix the issue. The company said it has fixed the bug on its servers and will turn on the feature for users again next week. T-Mobile will leave at least one store open within a minute drive of most customers in each market.

Sprint is leaving open "its most highly critical retail stores".

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T-Mobile and Sprint are also reducing the hours their remaining stores are open. Most T-Mobile stores will now be open 10am — 6pm. T-Mobile is also offering a buy-one-get-one BOGO deal where customers with two or more lines can get a second V60 for free, if both phones are purchased on a month payment plan. Verizon 's version will be slightly pricier and ship later, reflecting that its unique variant supports mmWave 5G, which requires extra components and engineering.

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Versions for other US carriers only support sub-6 5G, which is generally slower but offers broader coverage. To help people unexpectedly operating from home during the COVID pandemic, Mint Mobile is offering unlimited free high-speed data packs to its customers through April 14th. All new and existing customers can "buy" a 3GB add-on data plan that will be fully refunded within 24 hours. Researchers at the University of Utah have developed an entirely new type of lens that is thin and flat, yet has an extreme depth of focus compared to traditional lens designs.

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  • A single flat lens can replace multiple bulky curved lenses, while keeping in focus multiple objects that are up to 6 meters apart from each other. The lens surface is patterned with nano-structures that bend the light in new shapes compared to traditional lenses. As the US deals with the COVID pandemic and more workers and students operate from home, data networks are being pushed to the limit. To address this demand, T-Mobile has requested that the government temporarily let it use radio frequency bands that are sitting unused even though the company does not own licenses to those specific radio frequencies.

    For licensing purposes, this band is divided into smaller sub-bands as well many small geographic regions. T-Mobile owns many of these licenses, but not all. Comcast, Dish, and other companies own some of the other licenses, and some that were never claimed at auction are held by the FCC. Those licenses that are sitting unused can be now be used by T-Mobile for the next 60 days to increase its network capacity. T-Mobile's existing network equipment as well as phones with band 71 can be configured to use the new spectrum relatively quickly. T-Mobile today announced temporary plan changes to support workers and students operating from home during the COVID pandemic.

    The company is also making international calling free from the US to countries heavily impacted by the virus. All T-Mobile and Metro customers with any kind of data plan will have unlimited smartphone data for the next 60 days. Those same customers will also soon have an additional 20 GB of mobile hotspot data. Lifeline program participants on the T-Mobile network will receive an extra 5 GB of data per month during this period.

    The company is also increasing the data allowance for schools and students using the EmpowerED digital learning program. Verizon and Verizon Media have launched Yahoo! Mobile , which re-packages Visible phone service under the Yahoo! Like Visible, Yahoo! Unlimited data works as it does with Visible, where "In times of traffic, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic", meaning Verizon-brand customers have priority over Visible and Yahoo!

    Mobile customers. Mobile offers a lineup of phones similar to Visible's, and allows customers to bring their own compatible phone. Sentons, which specializes in ultrasonic sensors that can replace physical buttons on a phone with virtual ones, has a new universal sensor available that it calls SDS ButtonBar. This thin, 1. The ButtonBar is designed with haptics to mimic the feel of physical buttons.

    Previously, Sentons worked with phone makers to customize its technology for each phone model. The new universal part, mass-produced by Foxconn, makes the Sentons' SDS software-defined surfaces technology more affordable; Sentons claims price parity with standard physical buttons.

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