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June 29, Direct messages pose another threat. Anyone can send you anything, and you cannot control this process. Most of teenagers use the app to follow celebrities and to share their own photos. It is common to see selfies in Instagram and many users aim to have a large number of followers, which is why they are very active in Instagram and regularly share new images and videos, tagging their location. Many people monitor the Instagram activity of other users. Nobody is able to spy on the person online without the help of a special tool.

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone

The necessity to install Instagram Spy apps became obvious. One of the most reliable Instagram spy apps in the market is PanSpy. It is is a spy app for tracking Instagram messages, logging keystrokes and taking screenshots. Yes, I also searched for the app and it found the icon on a different page. Dragged it from there to home page again. Thank you guys! Found by chance easy method to restore missing icons Android 9 on Pixel 3. Type individual app icon name in search box, and it will appear with icon that can be dragged into screen.

Hope this helps.

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Found my app icon by doing a search for the app and from there i drag it out and now it is visible again. The Apps icon is back! Apply and cancel buttons are just below the status bar in a white background making it difficult to see them. Any ideas?

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Every app including settings and phone icon have disappeared on my boyfriends samsung j3 luna pro. How can we restore them?

How to Find Hidden Apps on Android

I think I have lost a few more app after doing this. Now, a few others have been gone as well. What do I do? My gallery icon has disappeared completely. I have tried everything listed and nothing. I have even rebooted the phone back to factory settings and still no gallery. I cannot find an exact answer to my question. This is happening almost every time I start the tablet Acer Iconia from a close down state. I had a camera icon vanish on my Huawei P10 and nothing worked until I restored my home screens via the Huawei backup tool. I cant find the phone app in my Lenovo tab 3 7 essential.

When i checked the app list, it contains the phone app now all the options are disabled and even the option to launch the app by main activity is also inaccessible. A lot of icons disappeared but were still in Application Manager. Restarting was no good so I changed from Easy Mode to Standard Mode and alas, all the apps were visible again.

When i try to use my tablet, i open up the case and all i get is my wallpaper. I have no way to turn it on. I found the apps but I am unable to turn them on. Thanks so much! Turns out some of my missing icons were indeed hidden. No, it will just reset the icons. Sorry, not tech savvy. My WhatsApp icon disappeared. After Resetting the Home Launcher by Clearing app data , the icon came back.

Not really.

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Restarting does not help and it does not look like it is hidden in the Settings mode. This does reset all your app icons and home screen but a swipe up or down on the home screen now shows my odd apps in all their glory! Now to set up my 5 screens again…. Any other suggestions?