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Is there a way I can do that? Laurice Fajardo 1. I had viber on my old phone sony but now I need read messages on viber and replace sim-card to new phone old one is broken How to disabled Viber running without uninstalling it? I want it to turn it off completely, so it's not waiting to come on in the background. How to disable viber in-app sounds Hi everyone, appreciate your help on this.

How can i apply in android the similar viber setting in iphone to disable the in-app sound? Basically i still want to hear the viber notification when my Angelica 21 3 3 bronze badges. How to block ads in Viber notifications? Is there any way to do it? Maybe a hidden setting or an a AdAway rule? I'm talking about useless drivel that show up in notifications such as "Yay, new stickers for Valentine's Day!

Turning off Adding a new contact skips the phonebook, goes to viber My grandma has a new Huawei phone that has an odd configuration.

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Whenever she adds a new contact, it doesn't appear in the phonebook, but in Viber instead. Naturally when she goes to her phonebook I want to use an android phone without being distracted. I want to be able to block calling applications such as the calling feature in whatsapp, facebook messenger, viber calls, as well as google In this folder I can see Viber Images and some dot folders, but no Viber Milan 1 1 bronze badge.

Viber cannot see my photos I have a Lenovo k6 with Android 7.

Unable to download Viber App

It doesn't have any native gallery app but it had Google photos preinstalled instead. There is a problem Phone calls seems to be from viber while they are not! It strange to say but it happens to me often when people call me from italy only This probably might happen from other countries as well.

They call me in their cell phone while at my smartphone it Rajmond Burgaj 3 3 bronze badges.

Migrate Viber Messages from Old to New Samsung

What happen with my message on my friend's device if I deactivate Viber My question is quite clear, what happen with my message on my friend's Viber if I deactivate it? How to recover viber messages after reinstalling Viber? Hi guys i badly want to recover my messages, by mistake i delated viber from my phone, i didn't do a backup, is there a way to get the messages back? Taieb 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. How to find the public name of a contact on Viber? I have added a new viber contact, but it correctly displays the contact with the name I've used in my contact book.

Nevertheless, I want to view my contact's "public" name, the one that my contact Adama 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges. They are from conversations between myself and my partner, who passed away a year ago. Tony 11 2 2 bronze badges.

Opinions about Viber

Cant see friends status or last onlne Hi i exchanged phone numbers with a friend but i cant cant see if shes online or when was last seen on viber and whatsapp. What might be the posibble reasons for that? Maybe she forgot to add my number Persistent Missed call notification frequently re-appears. How to remove it?

Somebody called me sometime before but I missed the call. Then I called back and everything was ok but whenever my phone connects to the WiFi i. Why my viber changes my status without me using it? My boyfriend sees my Viber status changing from online to offline, while I don't even open it. He thinks I talk to someone but I don't use it.

I have a Galaxy Note 7, he is using iPhone 6. Viber- re-installed 4 times, doesn't receive messages I'll be soo grateful if someone can help me here: I installed APK Viber on my android and i cant get messages from any of my contacts. They get my message and my status is online but i dont get MariamK 11 2 2 bronze badges. How to restore deleted Viber chats? Thought transferring over the entire Viber folder to the new phone would do the trick but after activating Viber it didn't AH15 11 2 2 bronze badges.

Move viber to another device without activation? I want to transfer viber from old phone to new, but i don't want viber to send a notification to all my contacts that i joined viber. I hate this option. How can i avoid it? There has to be a way Marshmallow, Priority only mode, Viber still rings with sound? I use Android Marshmallow in Nexus 5x. I have an automatic rule for nights where it goes to Do Not Disturb with priority only as set. It works as expected and silences when someone calls me over cell Ron 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges.

10 Viber Features You Need To Know [Android] - Hongkiat

Viber status not shown Why suddenly no status is shown under my Viber contacts names? I did not deactivate the "show status" button, it is still on. Leona 11 2 2 bronze badges. Creating viber account on tablet So I get myself android tablet last nite and wanted to create viber account. I put my cell phone number down, and never received code on my phone. I still have flip phone, not smart phone. Sinan 1. Deactivating Viber Account on my stolen device Is there any possible way to deactivate viber account on my stolen device.? I've tried to open it on PC but it keeps on asking for the code that was sent to my stolen device..

Wondering if Rowena 1 1 1 bronze badge. Delete group in Viber I made a group in Viber by mistake. The other members complain that their phone number is made known to uknown people.

Part 1. Viber Data Recovery Tool for Android

Can I delete the group? I read that "When all participants leave a group, it Vassiliki 11 1 1 silver badge 1 1 bronze badge. Deactivate Viber account on different device As I lost the access code that Viber sent to me, I cannot sign in my Viber account. I signed in on another device. Now, I want to deactivate the account, so that the device holder cannot get my Farzana Ahmed 9 1 1 bronze badge. Everything works fine.

Viber Messenger - How To Share Your Location With Sending A Message

Or is thee? Anonymous 1. Anonymous 2. I cant turn off location on my viber. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? You may have already deactivated location services in viber , but you may have forgotten to do so in your entire phone. You will usually go under "settings" and then look into privacy or location services. You will see a list of apps there and you can choose one by one which you would like to deactivate location services for.