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What a decline in the ROM community means for the platform and its capabilities.

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Changes to the app review process in the Play Store will mean a delay of days. The Huawei Mate X is delayed once again and foldables are sad. HTC is now licensing its brand name to other smartphones. Assignable Reminders in Assistant could make family life a bit more manageable. Google Play now offers ebook rentals, but there's a free alternative. Google Go cuts down the size of the search app to the bare-bones basics. Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud gaming service is coming to more Android devices.

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Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo are working together on a local filesharing solution. Google gets rid of a data-sharing program with cellular providers. Android Q Beta 6 is out which means the final release is next. Huawei details HarmonyOS, its open-source Android replacement. Pixel 4 will reportedly have a 90Hz 'Smooth Display' refresh rate. Play Services update is killing battery life on a number of devices. Google Lens AR now interacts with Netflix print ads. Flagship phone sales are dipping while the midtier gets stronger.

Google flips the script on how it presents search engine options in the EU. Play Pass offers a collection of premium games and apps for a monthly fee. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is a new tablet for fans of premium Android slates. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 adds a rotating bezel to the popular watch.

Fossil unveils the Gen 5 Series with options for men and women. LG teases its hardware announcement for IFA Google Assistant can now read and reply to any messaging app. New emergency feature allows for the silent summoning of help when needed. Google Fit now has wider support for sleep tracking with third-party devices.

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Google keeps revealing big features of the Pixel 4 months ahead of launch including a Soli radar. Oppo and Vivo are both touting displays that wrap around the device. Samsung is showing off the changes made to the Galaxy Fold. Samsung also opened up reservations for the as-yet-unannounced Note Android Auto got a huge update and it's rolling out to in-dash devices now. The Nintendo Switch now has an unofficial Android port. Xiaomi's Black Shark 2 Pro is a gaming phone with all the necessary bells and whistles. Nokia is set to bring the 8.

Google release it's lightweight Gallery Go app for emerging markets. AAA Nerd Circles. Google puts a price on people's face scans. Tinder is skipping the Play Store for payments to keep more of its generated revenue.

Xiaomi thinks 64MP cameras are the next big thing in mobile photography. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus has leaked before its official announcement. YouTube Music gives new controls over video and audio playback. Huawei assures the public that it doesn't intend to move away from Android. Android Q will offer up 65 new emoji to the world. Android Q will launch with limited gesture support for third party launchers.

Google employees listen to a small sampling of Assistant queries to improve the algorithm. Can you tell me what this symbol is? The reason i am asking is because you could have had your phone accidentally connect to a Bluetooth or wireless mouse and this could be the indicator that a mouse is connected. No new connections. Even turned my Bluetooth off to make sure nothing was connected and the icon was still there.

On my call log a log with unknown and there was A in a circle next to the time. Hello, i believe that this is an app-related problem. Do you have any apps with similar Icon running? I have a SIM card icon with an exclamation point in the middle and a lock on the lower right corner. It is to the left of my wifi signal and cell signal icons. Just showed up yesterday after restarting my phone. My voice and data work fine.

Hey, this is the icon which tracks how much data usage you generate while browsing the web. You can turn it off from your settings. I have a very unusual icon in my status bar that no one from Verizon or Kyocera can identify. Can you please email me so I can email you a screenshot of the I can in hopes that you might be able to tell me what it is. I have a better idea. There is an icon at the top of my phone that I have no idea what it is? I have the same thing on my Kyocera Duraforce pro No one at Verizon or Kyocera knows either.

I am on another forum that someone is trying to help me figure it out. If they do I will let you know. Jeanie, based on what folks from another tech site have found out by emailing Kyocera about this same exact icon on my phone, they said it is a Verizon security app icon that cannot be removed at this time. I will let you know when I find out more from Verizon. At least this is a start, I myself had no luck when I contacted Kyocera back on January 3rd when the icon first appeared on my phone.

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Hi, what is icon third from left, Telstra branded Alcatel phone. It looks like this icon is some sort of settings from your cell phone carrier ISP. Have you tried calling their support number to ask if they have sent you any data settings to install? Memory card notification. Sim card notification. Sim card incompatibility not the right size and doesnt connect. Factory locked phone. Hi… i got this icon on the top left corner of my samsung android phone that often pop up for few seconds and gone.

So whoever you share your location with on Google is checking your location. Hi, i have an unknown icon in my bar.

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It looks like a triangle with an upside down arrow inside. Can you please tell.

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Hello, i believe this is the Data Saver mode. On the left upper corner of my Samsun S7, when I make a call, at the right side of phone icon, for a short time appears a flower icon, something like a daisy. What could that be? So check for any third-party keyboards or other stuff that is similar. What could it be? It appears beside the wifi icon on the upper right side of the screen. On my lg v30 I am all of a sudden seeing a square with the android symbol in the middle of it.

It comes on and off the screen periodically now. Are You able to identify the symbol? Have you done an update of your LG before this icon started appearing? The reason i am asking is that either a new app or an update might have made it to start appearing on your phone. It is very likely that this is a shortcut to quick calling someone or some type of quick access to some option in your phone.