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You won't see app slices until later this year, but Google has issued an API to developers to create more shortcuts around its operating system interface. This is starting in search, of course after all, this is Google, we're talking about. The best example at Google IO was with the ride-hailing app, Lyft. Searching for 'Lyft' will provide the app as an answer, but also shortcuts to your top destinations, like work and home, each with a price already listed.

It's saving you from having to go into the app menus in order to select these options. App slices via the search bar can extend to Google Photos, too. If you look up Hawaii, you'll see photos from a vacation, for example, and checking into a hotel may soon be easier when you look up your hotel name.

The Axon 10 Pro Is ZTE's First 5G-ready Smartphone

Instead of having to wade through the clunky third-party app, you may be able to just select 'check in'. Android Pie has a new system navigation interface in order to make multi-tasking easier to understand, with a single clean home button. It's very much an iPhone X horizontal bar to replace the typical home and recent buttons.

This is part of Google's plan to make the UI simpler and adapt to the all-screen phone designs out there. It's more approachable to new users, according Google. You can swipe up from the bottom anywhere in the operating system to see recent open apps as well as five predicted app at the bottom of the screen to save you time. Swiping up a second time and you'll see your app drawer.

With this one-two swipe gesture, Google has essentially combined the all-apps and overview spaces gesture into one. You can do one better than Apple's iPhone interface. Android Pie will let you scroll through all of your apps very quickly by sliding right and left with the horizontal bar at the bottom.

It's like a video you're scrubbing through, but for app selection.

Troubleshooting Assistant - ZTE Blade™ Vantage Prepaid

Form our experience, it takes time to get used to the navigation changes as do almost all software changes , but retraining your brain for Android Pie is worth it in the end. Everything feels intuitive. The volume slider has moved again, and this time it's off to the right side near the volume rocker. That makes sense, but it does more than just get a new home.

Pressing the volume keys will now adjust the media volume instead of sometimes but you're not quite sure when controlling the ringer volume.

The ringer can be turned on and off through a software toggle button when you adjust the volume. Your reaction may be like ours: "Why wasn't it always this way?! You can also now manually control screen orientation. This is done via a pop-up icon that appears when you rotate the screen. You won't have to rely on the phone to often mistakenly rotate the screen for you.

It's no secret that we use our smartphones too much, and you probably do, too you are on a technology website, after all. Track my order s.

Case - Let he who is without glass throw the first smartphone

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Expected delivery by: Tue, 24th Mar if ordered within 15 hrs 50 mins. Availability: Available to order. Manufactured using high quality and excellent durable materials. Perfect replacement for the original housing and make the phone look like a new one. High quality OEM product, tested and quality checked for each piece before shipping. It has dual rear cameras, the primary a megapixel sensor and the screen is 5.

The Nokia 3. These phones are a continuation of the Nokia strategy of catering for a real mass market audience.

MWC 12222: ZTE announces Axon 10 Pro 5G smartphone

Chinese phone brand Vivo got in early with a pre-MWC announcement of its new mid-range phone, the V15 Pro, which promises high-end features. It has a pop-up megapixel selfie camera which means an almost bezelless 6. In other words, this is the new mid-range. Sony is showing no signs of quitting the phone business. It's out at MWC with new devices, which includes its new flagship phone, the Xperia 1. The Xperia 1, together with the new Xperia 10 and 10 Plus, all arrive with tall screens with "cinematic" aspect ratios.

The flagship Xperia 1 has a 6. Eschewing the trend for megapixels and the like, found on rival phones with Sony sensors, here Sony has opted for three megapixel cameras on the rear wide-angle, super-wide and telephoto with extra DSLR-like features like Eye AF. It will run on the Snapdragon processor with Android Pie, shipping is set for late spring.

In our hands ons, we found the fresh batch of Sony phones to be nicely built and more ergonomic than the old Xperia slabs. But it's a good job Sony has included software tweaks to help you use the phones one-handed. Another tech company that is vying to stay relevant in smartphones is LG. Continuing the crazy it also has a flip cover case Well, it does technically fold. LG hasn't specified prices yet but the Q60 and K50 have 6.

It runs Android, has a 5-inch display and can act as a hotspot to connect up to 20 devices to 5G or 4G. New for this device, there's dual 6DoF six degrees of freedom controllers, design tweaks to make it more comfortable to wear and device management features. Huawei sub-brand Honor recently unveiled the Honor View 20 in Paris in January, though, so we didn't see another big hardware announcement. Honor confirmed that the View 20 will support Fortnite gameplay at 60fps with an in-game refresh rate of 60Hz so that tie-in, and the exclusive Honor Guard Fortnite skin also got a mention at MWC.

It also announced new AR apps to make use of the View 20's 3D time of flight camera. Following its official launch in the UK and with big plans for Europe and the unveiling of a prototype Find X 5G, Oppo presented its first 5G smartphone. Oppo also showed off its 10x 'lossless zoom' smartphone camera at MWC with a promise that it will appear in a real phone this spring. Don't expect to see it on sale soon though; Oppo VP Alen Wu told us that Oppo is waiting to see what "pain points" foldable phones solve before building devices using this tech.

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It's all pretty standard: 6. Throw in a 5MP camera for stills and video calls, and stainless steel and 18k gold finishes and you've got one of the strangest - and, to be honest, ugliest - devices we've seen at the show. A lot.