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In Android 10, you can now set permissions so that an app can only track your location while it is in use. To find which of your apps have permission to track your location, and to change that, follow these steps:. There is a new Privacy Settings menu. It's where you can find things like your notification controls for your lock screen plus an autofill manager for forms, and several other privacy features.

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In Android 10, you get more notification control options. When you swipe away a notification, you'll be able to either mark notifications from that app as "silent" to stop them or "alert" so you get a ping. If you don't like either, you can press the "turn off notifications" option.

How to unlock bootloader K10 note Z6 lite Z6 Z6 pro Z5s Z5 Z5 pro (Official) (READ VIDEO DESCRIPTIO)

In an Android Developers blog post , Google provided guidelines for developers to implement the feature in their apps. Bubbles work like this: When an alert is received from an app that uses Bubbles, a tiny circular notification will appear on your screen for you to tap.

For a messaging app, for instance, you'd tap the bubble notification to perhaps view a conversation thread or reply without having to launch the entire app. Google suggested developers could also use Bubbles for notes, arrival times, and calls.

Android Pie update coming to the Lenovo Z5 smartphone soon

If the Android 10 update is available for your specific phone, it will appear and take several minutes to install. If the update isn't yet available, you'll need to wait longer for it. Depending on your phone and its manufacturer, it may take several weeks or months to receive the update, if it does arrive at all.

For more about which phones will be able to update to Android 10, check out our separate guide. Pocket-lint Major Android updates usually have dessert-themed names, in alphabetical order. On the surface, Android 10 looks a lot like Pie. It's very much business as usual. You can view and download these files, and can actively look at everything which is being transmitted via the target mobile phone.

Buy Lenovo Z5 Pro - 8GB/GB - 24 + 16 MP Slider Camera

You can Record calls: One of the most important and significant features the android spy app has is that of recording calls with the help of a hidden call recorder. You can record all the outgoing and incoming calls and even download them once they have been recorded.

With one click, you get the exact time and call duration in your control panel. The target user will never come to know that they are being monitored. There are no notifications, no app icon on the phone.

Android Pie update coming to the Lenovo Z5 smartphone soon

The app operates in complete hidden mode and is not visible to the target user. Repost 0. Subscribe to newsletter To be informed of the latest articles, subscribe:. Comment on this post.

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Starting with the amazingly great looks that accompanies this large 6. What will you be using with this fast of a device anyway? It is packed with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a high-end camera.

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Another great highlight about the Z5 Pro GT is for its mechanical slider for its selfie camera. It is hidden well enough, but once revealed — the 16MP-8MP selfie camera will show its true colors. But if you decide to go with any variant, even the smallest GB internal storage is suffice. But fancy a whopping GB internal storage? It is also there with the highest available option.