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I will install Facebook and try out.

Hands On with the ZTE Blade V9 and V9 Vita

I did put Facebook on phone it worked fine. Went a read an article, while in Facebook then back. Worked fine. But iheart radio did have some issues. Hope that helped. My wife has the same phone and hers does it too. Doesn't bother her like it does me. My samsung would allow me to open every app on the phone and they would all run together.

Phone would slow or crash but it would keep them open.

List of Android 9.0 Pie Supported ZTE Devices

I called ZTE and it's a known issue and they are working on a software update to allow us to chose. She explained that it's key to the long battery life the phone has, it will close apps in the background. Mine does it with other apps as well. The phone will always attempt to bring me back to where I was in the app but most apps will just restart from the beginning. I was using Google Play Music today, got a call and when it finally loaded back after the call it restarted my song from the beginning.

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So the app did completely close. Knsmiley I don't know who you spoke with but the problem is simply the lack of RAM on the phone and the only way to fix it is a recall and add more RAM. So after several apps have been used the RAM is full and the phone has to start closing apps to free up more RAM so that it can perform the function that you're requesting by opening another app. The solution is more RAM and that's just a problem on budget phones. There's a reason that the flagship phones have more RAM but you have to pay for it. Many phones have less memory then this phone and it works fine.

This is obviously a setting ZTE changed from stock Android to be able to get longer battery life. It takes less processing power to dump memory then to write it to cache.

Also the 1. You'll also notice that when swapping between YouTube and other apps, YouTube will loose your place which is extremely annoying. It's due to having only 2gb of ram. If anyone else says others wise they talking out their butts. Don't care what manufacturer it is 2gb won't do much these days.

Celicious Privacy (Landscape) ZTE Blade V9 Anti-Spy Screen Protector | eBay

You're correct carolinacrown regardless of the orifice they're speaking from. This is why an unformatted 1tb drive isn't 1tb. Its 1tib. Also, my statements about how swap works is correct.

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Android isn't a single process. It's an entire Linux operating system. Not all of it has to be resident all the time as with any operating system. Also if this where true then how do applications stay running on a cheaper phone that only has 1gb of memory. The answer is SWAP. Well you have a very weird sense of what makes an operating is.

It's a linux kernel, has a Linux user space, shell. If it is in fact true that this phone with 2gib of memory is not capable of running two applications at the same time then you should liquidate all of your assets and invest it all in ZTE stock before it gets out that they can achieve the impossible.

ZTE Blade 3 review

Since split screen works just fine. I can assure you that the ones saying this issue is due to too little RAM are the ones talking out their 'Butts I am here because of this same issue and before you try and tell me it's from too little RAM. I never had this issue at all with the Pro, I could have 30 tabs open at once and an app would rarely close by itself. You've got a couple of options when it comes to browsing the web on the Blade 3, with the stock Android browser and Google Chrome both pre-loaded onto the handset. Both offer up a pretty similar experience and features, however the one advantage the Android browser has over Chrome is its ability to save pages for offline reading - perfect if you want to read something on the train home and know you'll be out of signal.

In terms of browsing speed the Blade 3 is pretty darn slow over 3G and Wi-Fi. The edges around the screen have been minimized for a more full-screen design, a trend every smartphone manufacturer is following. The back of the phone is glass, giving it a more expensive feel. The back is incredibly minimal, with just the ZTE logo, a fingerprint sensor, and a dual-camera system.

The company said since this phone is primarily meant for markets outside the U. Under the hood, the Blade V9 is powered by the Snapdragon processor, which performed well in our brief hands-on time with the phone.

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Apps opened quickly, and moving throughout the operating system was fluid. No, it runs stock Android 8. Why did ZTE dump its own software? Because its customers — specifically from the Z Community forum — preferred the bloatware-free, pure version of Android. There is hardly any apps pre-installed on the phone, except for a few core Google apps.

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A megapixel camera is accompanied with a 5-megapixel one, and the two are capable of taking portrait mode-like selfies. The camera results, in our brief tests, looked good, with solid color accuracy, no blur, and good detail. As for the front-facing camera, it comes in at 8-megapixels, but megapixels interpolated. As for color options, the Blade V9 comes in four different variants — black, gold, blue, and grey. Expect the same for the V9.