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Moto Actions make navigating your device a breeze: just lift to unlock, gently twist your wrist to open the camera or tap your screen with 3 fingers to take a screenshot. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application - usage patterns.

Best Motorola phones 2020: find the top Moto smartphone for you

Results may vary. Device Specifications. LTE Advanced. Works in over countries depending on your plan. Compare devices. What's in the box. Download user manual. Motorola moto g 7 power Support Verizon Wireless Support helps you better understand your Verizon mobile device and other Verizon services.


Based on 49 reviews. Rating 4. Rating 3. Write a review. Highest to Lowest Rating. This is my second Motorola. After 3 years I decided to upgrade to this G7 from the Z Droid. I really like the bigger screen, the long battery life and the simplicity of it. I'm not a huge techy person who has to have all the perks on a phone, just basic stuff with some apps that I use.

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Its a gre read more. Yes, I'd recommend this product. Was this review helpful? Yes No Excellent phone overall! Battery life is amazing, and lasts up to 3 days on a single charge. Very user friendly design. Comes in at a much better price than similar phones!

This phone is incredible for the price, the battery life goes for 2 days at a time with moderate use I put it through. It charges quickly and everything works great on it. After this its going to be hard to sell me another high priced smart phone again. Everything on phone is very good, screen, sound,speed. Camera is average. And the battery is unbelievable. The phone will last 3 days! Some apps cannot connect to wifi- do not buy this phone. After many hours of tech support and internet research trying to fix this problem, it is clear it is widespread and there is no fix.

Tech support could do nothing to solve the issue. Certain apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, cannot connect by wifi. I returned the phone. I got this phone for it's advertised battery life and it wasn't kidding. And this will do anything you need that an iphone or Galaxy will do at a fraction of the price. In those scenarios, we'd definitely rather take the Power than its siblings. And truthfully, if you can see past the resolution deficit, this is still a display you'd be happy to use to watch anything.

The searing neon lights of Times Square were the perfect backdrop for the web slinger's antics, and as I shifted the device in my hand from side to side, those colors stayed remarkably consistent. What G7 Power does lack, however, is a secondary 5-MP shooter to enable depth-of-field effects.

Best Moto phones 2020 at a glance:

However, this isn't a terribly huge absence either, because the Moto G7's shallow depth-of-field portraits and bokeh aren't all that impressive, as is the case with many other budget phones' dual-lens systems. For those reasons, I came away reasonably pleased with the G7 Power's performance against its more expensive sibling. Inside the park, the G7 Power compares favorably against one of our favorite camera phones for the money, the Nokia 7.

Like other Motorola handsets of the past, the G7 Power does get a bit overzealous with the saturation; Bryant Park's iconic fountain isn't quite as red as the device would lead you to believe. That said, there really isn't much difference between these phones' photos, even though the Nokia 7. The G7 Power really struggles in portraits and bokeh, however.

Because the phone has only one rear-facing lens, the device needs to rely on software, not optics, to blur the background. Some high-end devices, like the Pixel 3 and iPhone XR , can accomplish software-based bokeh without a noticeable drop in quality.

Motorola Moto G7 ( 64 GB Storage, 4 GB RAM ) Online at Best Price On

However, Motorola's computational photography isn't quite up to that level, and that leads to unwelcome artifacts and inconsistent blurring on the edges of my colleague Shaun's face. Additionally, Nokia's handset just does a much better job picking up those finer details in Shaun's face, as well as his skin tone. Finally, the G7 Power's 8-MP front-facing camera also seems pretty much the same as the one in the G7. Problem is, it's not a particularly great shooter for selfies, as its shots are often noisy and just blurry enough that they always seem slightly out of focus.

The Nokia 7.

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The Snapdragon system-on-chip and the 3GB of RAM in the G7 Power are sufficient for ordinary duties, like web browsing, navigation and social media. Just don't expect this phone to handle demanding games. Even on the battle-royale shooter's lowest graphical settings and with the frame rate set to prioritize smoothness over visual fidelity, the experience was still jerky, which made it difficult for me to pick off enemy combatants.

F1 Mobile Racing ran much more consistently, though again at remarkably low settings. In fact, the resolution was so low and track-side scenery and lighting were so sparse that it looked worse than a PlayStation 2 game. The culprit is the phone's Adreno GPU. It's an old chip that can't keep pace with its modern contemporaries, in phones such as the Nokia 7.

And it very clearly demonstrated its limits during 3DMark's Ice Storm Unlimited graphical benchmark, in which the G7 Power managed only 14, Some budget phones, including Nokia's, actually max this test. That means fewer dropped calls and dead spots. Bluegrass Cellular wants your porting experience to be easy. If you're a Nextel customer, you must contact Nextel to remove the number block before continuing.

If you're a Sprint customer, you must provide your PIN. Bluegrass Cellular will verify if the number can be ported, your number must reside inside of the Bluegrass Cellular defined service area. If it has been disconnected, it's too late for porting to take place. During this timeframe, you can schedule a time to come back and for the port to complete. Once you've completed that step, you'll want to activate Bluetooth on the phone so it's discoverable. Search for Bluetooths in the area, and your vehicle Bluetooth should display on your phone. Select the vehicle Bluetooth and you'll be successfully paired.