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Whereas nowadays most recently-launched phones carry the Galileo chipset, the first phone to be compatible with the European navigation system was built by Spanish tech company BQ.

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How accurate is Galileo? Today, in areas surrounded by buildings, location services can determine your location between to 50 meters in accuracy, although many combine different technologies to improve this. Dual-frequency is already available for professional use and will soon be available to consumers on mobile phones.

As the name suggests, it means the device will have two sources from which to determine your location, greatly reducing the chance of error.

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Cities are an issue for location services because buildings either block or reflect the signal being sent from satellites. At the same time, it can distinguish reflected signals from direct ones, improving accuracy. What are the major benefits and uses of having a more precise location service? The obvious benefit from Galileo data being present on smartphones is easy and accurate navigation, getting around from place to place whether by foot, car, bicycle, boat, train or plane.

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But its precision opens the door for a number of other applications. Better location services means locating someone in an emergency with more rapidity and precision. Nowadays, special devices allow hikers or climbers to send a distress signal when lost or in danger.

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  • This device is also available on ships and planes. This is particularly useful when tracking a child or an elderly person suffering from illness. So, if the child leaves the school area or if an elderly person leaves the residence carrying their phone, it can notify those looking after them.

    Games that use location and augmented reality, such as the famous PokemonGo or the yet-to-be-released The Walking Dead: Our World, will be taken to a whole new level.

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    These games require location accuracy because the augmented reality needs to match the real environment. Location-based advertising means businesses can offer coupons or discounts which are relevant to your geographical position. It combines consumer preferences with positioning data to provide personalised offers. Beyond smartphones Galileo offers a number of possibilities that go beyond the use of mobile phones and affect our global economy.

    Can this be caused by the upgrade to Android 8 Oreo which was implemented before I even saw what the previous version of the OS looked like? The Meizu Note 9 is also using competitive cameras. On paper, the camera system should perform on par with the setup found on the standard Chinese variant of the Redmi Note 7. At the front, there's a megapixel selfie camera capable of shooting portrait mode photos.

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    The Meizu Note 9 is powered by a mAh battery and comes with support for 18W fast charging. The phone also comes with a USB-C port. The Meizu Note 9 is available in three colour variants - black, white and blue. All the colour variants come with a gradient finish.

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    Meizu hasn't announced the availability of smartphone India so far but we expect the company to bring the Meizu Note 9 to the Indian market. The Note 9 starts at approximately Rs 14, in Chinese market.

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