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Xiaomi MI A3 Cinematography

To that, the voice assistant replied Xiaomi has the top firm and Mi A2 as top mobile, respectively. After that, Jain asked the fans to guess when the new Android One from the house of Xiaomi would come to India. For the uninitiated, Xiaomi Mi A3 comes with a moderate upgrade over the predecessor. It is a bit similar to the Redmi Note 7 Pro in terms of exterior outlook, but with a better camera. It has glossy 3D curved glass on the shell and also on the front. It also supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3. As far as the photography hardware is concerned, the Mi A3 houses a feature-rich triple-camera, one 48MP primary sensory, 8MP wide-angle camera and 2MP depth sensor on the back.

On the front, it features 32MP snapper. Since the Mi A3 is a Google affiliated Android One series, it will be one of the first phones to get Android Q and also eligible to receive Android R in in addition to monthly security patches for three years. Restart your router. Reset APN and get a new configuration from your mobile carrier.

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Reset Network Settings. Wipe cache partition. Reset the device to factory settings. If you are experiencing issues with Bluetooth on Xiaomi Mi A3, try these steps to address them: Remove pairing and establish it again. Pair the handset with the device again and try again. Reset Network settings. Disable Automatic pairing. Pair individually with a device when you want to use it. Boot into a safe mode and try connecting via Bluetooth.

Secure, up-to-date and easy to use.

Update the system. Reset your phone to factory settings. If you have battery life issues with Xiaomi Mi A3, check these tips to mitigate them: Open Developer options and disable Mobile Data always on. Prevent some secondary apps from working in the background. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth overnight.

Use Greenify or any other third-party application to limit the background processes. Update your device or reset the device to factory settings. If you are affected by this, try these steps we listed below: Disable Night light.

Xiaomi Mi A3 review: Design, Display

Enroll multiple fingerprints for a single finger to improve readings and responsiveness. Disable the Fingerprint icon on the screen while the phone is idle. You can do so in Settings. Remove all fingerprints and add them again. At least two for every finger. Remove protective film or tempered glass and try unlocking the handset without them. You can try one of these steps to address these issues, but the only permanent solution is to wait for an update that addresses the issue hopefully, Android 10 will sort it out : Reboot your device. Disable and re-enable Face Unlock.

Remove and add your face again. Overheating Overheating is a major issue on any phone, and it seems that it is a Xiaomi Mi A3 issue as well. If the overheating occurs only occasionally, here are some things you can try to reduce these unpleasant and fatal in the long term occurrences: Remove protecting casing from the device. Keep the device away from the heat sources. Let the device cool down after intensive gaming sessions.

Turn on Airplane mode while gaming to prevent low network coverage from causing overheating. Make sure to use an adequate supported charger. Poor camera performance We all know that Xiaomi did an amazing job in the last couple of years when it comes to hardware. Bootloop issues Some users run into boot loop issues when they tried to flash an official update via fastboot. Ghost touch Some users have reported a ghost touch issue on the Xiaomi Mi A3.

Wait, isn’t the Redmi Note 7 Pro a better performer?

Open About phone and scroll down until you reach Build number. Tap on Build number 7 times and now get back to the main Settings menu. Open System and tap Advanced. Now, open Developer options. Open Night mode and set Always on. Open Fingerprint. Disable Fingerprint icon. After that, follow these steps: Download and install the Devcheck app Play Store link. Select Proximity sensor. Place your hand on the sensor at the top and then remove it from the sensor.

Bottom-firing speaker issues Setting your device for the first time and testing the audio output from the speaker just to be greeted with crackling and buzzing sounds is not joyful at all. Press and hold the Power button and then, once the Xiaomi logo appears, release the Power button and press and hold the Volume Down button. To exit Safe mode, just reboot your device again. Wipe cache partition Power off your device. Press and hold the Volume Down key and Power Button simultaneously.

Select the Recovery mode with the single press of the Power button. Press the Power button to start the Recovery mode. The Android robot with exclamation points should appear. Hold Power Button and press once Volume Up key.

Xiaomi Mi A3 review: How does this stock Android phone fare?

The menu should appear. Reset Network settings Open Settings. Choose System. Tap on Advanced. Open Reset options. Reset device to factory settings Back up everything from the internal storage. Open Settings. Select Erase all data factory reset.