Vivo V17 Specifications
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No, this smartphone does not come with the same gimmicky dual pop-up selfie cameras but after using it for a while, I have to say that Vivo has done a really good job with its design. The smartphone deserves some brownie points for its design which is something that other brands should take notes from. The one I have is Midnight Ocean Blue. This dark blue colour variant with a glossy back is really eye-catching. The logo is placed on the back in silver, a good combination with blue.

Anyhow, it's a personal preference and I'll call it subtle. Does it get smudgy, you ask? Yes, it is indeed a smudge-fest when it comes to the glossy back.

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However, you could go for the silicon cover that comes bundled with the phone in the box. The Vivo V17 comes with a quad rear-camera setup at the back that is neatly tucked on the top left corner of the phone, within a capsule-shaped module.

Product Main Features

This module also contains an LED flash. On the right edge of the phone, you will find a power button and above it is the volume slider. At the bottom, you will see a speaker grill, a headphone jack Thank God! Even though it has a 4, mAh battery, the phone isn't bulky at all, and it is not too broad as well. The 32 MP front camera sits at the top right corner. Its hole-punch design doesn't grab much attention which is a good thing.

And I must admit it is a really tiny hole that I guess you won't even notice after a certain period of time. This design gives you a good experience and no interruption when you're watching a movie or playing games. Vivo V17 comes with a 6. There is an in-display fingerprint sensor in the phone which is fast and I will say the same for face unlock option as well — really quick. But, but, but So, you might want to stick to the fingerprint unlock option only. I can tell more about this once I get to spend more time testing this camera, especially the "Super Night Mode".

I personally liked the bokeh mode of the camera as it quickly adjusts the focus and gives good quality images. The daylight images are good in terms of details, sharpness and colours. But this is not my final say and I will have to use it more to get to a conclusion. You get several options in the camera like AR stickers, AI scene identification, AI portrait framing, slo-mo and time-lapse.

On the front, you get a 32 MP camera that captures good details and colours. It could be a good option if you are a selfie lover. The front camera also comes with a "Night Mode" option, but I wasn't much impressed by the image quality as it lacked clarity. Here are a few camera samples clicked by the Vivo V The smartphone is equipped with a 4, mAh battery and it comes with an 18 W fast charger. Fast-charging support is one more added thing that I like about this phone. Focus from 2. Emulate an assortment of natural, fresh poses to suit different scenes.

A box appears in-frame to track your position, guiding you into stylish poses that stand out from the crowd.

Vivo V17 Pro review: Good looks and great cameras

Wave goodbye to awkward photo time and give your confidence a boost. It is intrepid but premium, it is beautiful but durable, it is smooth but technical; the Corning Glass 6 makes it a solid companion amidst the adversities. Take the V17 Pro in your palm and let its elite aesthetics engulf you and never let go. The 6.

Vivo V17 with 5mm hole-punch camera, Snapdragon launched in India

The earpiece, light and proximity sensors are all cleverly concealed. Topped off with 6.

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Higher fingerprint pixel density and more sophisticated algorithms now allow for a faster, more stylish and more secure unlocking experience. V17 Pro features an exclusive, custom-made 6.

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  • In addition, Low Brightness Anti-Flicker technology provides added protection for eyes in the dark. The signature Vivo Elevating Camera is updated once again. Now, two premium front cameras, an earpiece and the Selfie Softlight are all housed inside the narrow top panel. The entire module adopts a unibody alloy design, with a new elevating system to blend mechanical action with artistic elegance.

    Rigorous lab tests have ensured the module delivers reliable performance round the clock. Outside the lab, millions of elevating Vivo camera phones have been proven durable by our users. Now elegance is built to last. A Qualcomm Snapdragon AIE processor provides both immense strength and outstanding energy efficiency. V17 Pro never hesitates, responding to your every command without blinking.

    Game Center brings you an immersive gaming experience while collating all your game data in one place. You can quickly check information on the CPU, phone temperature or data workload. It works with Ultra Game Mode too, turning off messages and alerts so you can focus on winning the game at hand.

    Special effects help you create special experiences. Use Voice Changer while gaming to transform your voice as you like, plus keep your privacy intact.