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This system becomes advantageous when photo editing. With more information in areas of light and shadow, users are afforded greater possibilities for post-production. They also gain more control over depth of field. The Nokia 9 PureView phone combines Zeiss lenses with technology developed by US company Light , which previously released a compact lens camera called the L Both products work on the same principle — an algorithm picks the best base photo captured from the array, and then layers in the results from the other lenses to enrich the image.

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But while the L16 was a novelty, Light's real goal has been to integrate the technology into smartphones. Within the Nokia 9 PureView, Light's technology has been adapted around five camera sensors — two colour and three monochromatic — with an infrared sensor for depth reading. Under- and over-exposed images are combined to produce one photo with high-dynamic-range HDR , where there is detail in both areas of light and shadow. The aim is to give users more scope to tweak elements like contrast, exposure and white balance, as well as control the depth of field where they want to blur the background of images.

Consumers can expect this update to come out in Q4 this year. We will keep you updated once we have more details to share.

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However, the program is only available in China for now. The update comes in at around 3. August 16, — Sony published a blog post detailing the nine devices in its roster that will get Android 9 Pie. They are:. The update process will kick off in November for the XZ devices and then start in early for the XA2 line. The update comes in just over 1GB in size and includes the latest October security patch. Also arriving in U. October 18, — Sony has revealed detailed info regarding its Android Pie update schedule. The other handsets will get the update as per original schedule.

The update includes the October security patch and is only available in select markets for now. A specific date was not revealed. The company said it will first roll out Pie to the U11 later this month. The update comes in at 1. We expect it to reach other markets shortly. We expect the update to reach other regions soon.

The update is expected to reach other markets soon. The update comes in at around 1. Better late than never! The spokesperson also said the company will roll out Android Pie to the Huawei P20 series in September, followed by the Mate series shortly after. It also kicked off its beta program, allowing users of select Huawei devices to try out the software before it is officially released.

These devices include:. However, the update is only available to users in Europe for now. The phones that will get the update are:. However, Huawei has yet to confirm in which regions the update will be released first.

The update is expected to go global soon, probably before the end of the year. These include:. The list of supported devices may grow over time. March 1, — The U. March 25, — Honor 8X Pie update spotted in Macedonia , more regions should be on the way. The update comes in at a little over 3GB.

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Starting this fall, Android Pie will make its way to these phones:. The company is rolling out the stable version of Android 9 Pie to the device. The update is expected to be released in other markets soon.

1. Essential Android 10 update

As usual, this is a staged rollout, which means it might take a week or so for the update to make its way to every device. The update is expected to make its way to other markets soon. The update should make its way to other markets soon. The update brings all the tasty Pie feature to the device including Adaptive Brightness, Adaptive Battery, and gesture navigation.

The update enables support for the 5G Moto Mod and includes the March security patch. The update also has the April security patch on board. May 17, — U. The update is also now available for the Verizon variant of the Moto G6. The update includes the May security patch and comes in at around 1. The update brings support for the 5G Moto Mod to the device. Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas now shared more details on the topic, confirming at a New Dehli event that the Nokia 7 Plus will be the first of its devices to be updated to Android 9.

The update will also bring ARCore to the device. We already issued a camera update and you will shortly get another one with Pie with new experiences. Also ARcore support is there, 8. The changes in the latest version appear to be minimal. The stable version of Pie is expected to hit the device sometime this month. October 4, — The recently announced Nokia 7. O ctober 11, — Looks like Nokia plans on speeding things up a bit. The company shared more detailed info on its Pie update schedule via Android Central , saying that the Nokia 7.

The previous plan was to release the update sometime in November. The Nokia 8 and 8 Sirocco will follow soon after, with the stable version of the OS expected to roll out to the devices in November. October 30, — Android 9 Pie has started rolling out to the Nokia 6. October 31, — Only a day after upgrading Nokia 6. The next devices in line to get the latest version of Android are the Nokia 8 and 8 Sirocco. November 30, — The Android Pie update for the Nokia 8 has been delayed for a couple of days.

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  • The original plan was to release it by the end of November. December 11, — Android Pie beta is now available for the Nokia 8. The stable version should be released soon, although a specific date was not announced. December 19, — The stable version of Android Pie is now available for the Nokia 8. However, some users note that the update is lacking features like Digital Wellbeing, Adaptive Battery, and App Actions. December 27, — Nokia has kicked off the Android 9 Pie rollout for the Nokia 5. The update includes the December security patches and brings all the standard Pie goodies including Adaptive Brightness, Adaptive Battery, and App Actions to the device.

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    January 23, — Nokia has shared its Android Pie update roadmap. The company said the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. The Nokia 5. February 20, — The two-year-old Nokia 6 is now getting the Android 9 Pie update. February 21, — Juho Sarvikas announced on Twitter that the Android 9 Pie update is now available for the Nokia 2. February 26, — Nokia has started rolling out Android Pie to the Nokia 3.

    July 11, — Verizon is rolling out Android Pie to the Nokia 2 V phone, which is basically just a rebranded Nokia 2. You can find the download links for both ROMs in our dedicated post at the link. Its design is strikingly high-end, with a glass front and back that is encased in an aluminum chassis. Though made of glass, it feels solid and light, but we suggest buying a phone case for extra protection. Its chamfered edges have a beautiful metallic sheen that nicely complements the matte sides. At least it still has a headphone jack, unlike the iPhone X.

    The Nokia 7. This means you can enjoy a wider color gamut and richer contrasts when watching HDR-format videos on Netflix and YouTube. Its bottom-firing speaker is also equally delightful, as it can get impressively loud and retains a full-bodied sound even at low volume.

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    The two rear cameras, one with megapixels lens and one with a 5-megapixel lens for depth sensing, capture images with accurate colors and a surprising amount of details. A serious drawback of the Nokia 7. When used normally, with gaming, video streaming, and plenty of messaging, the phone almost died at the end of the workday.

    You would need to plug it up if you still want to use it for the rest of the evening. It looks and feels like a flagship phone, with a fantastic display, solid performance, and a capable camera. The Nokia 9 PureView has a beautiful symmetrical design.