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That means the Nokia 7.

Nokia 7.2 (Unlocked) - 128GB

Thankfully, the glass has a matte texture on the back, which keeps it free of fingerprints and smudges. Despite its 6. The fingerprint sensor is easy to reach, the rounded edges are smooth to the touch, and help the phone fit ergonomically into my palm. The 6. That means richer colors and higher contrast, and the screen certainly delivers. Shows like Disenchantment on Netflix look excellent, even outdoors, and episodes of Hot Ones on YouTube produce natural colors.

I had no trouble using the phone outdoors in bright sunlight, though I did have to crank the brightness to the max of nits. Ultimately, there never was a time that I thought the Nokia 7. On the audio side, the phone can get loud and the quality is surprisingly strong, with clear highs and mids, but the bass is incredibly weak. By default, the camera takes megapixel photos as it uses a process called pixel binning to merge pixels together, so they can take in more light. It can take adequate photos during the day, with decent detail, though colors can look a bit muted at times.

Problems start to creep in as the day goes on. Any movement will result in a blurry photo. Use the dedicated Night mode, and the problem is exacerbated. One perk is the dedicated Pro mode, so if you know how to change the shutter speed and ISO, you can snap some better photos than the auto mode. Ultimately, there was never a time that I thought the Nokia 7.

For more comparisons, check out the video above.

Nokia Mobile Support app updated with Device Monitor & more

Detail can look blotchy, skies are often blown out due to poor HDR or lack thereof , and colors are done. It borrows from the rich history of Zeiss lenses to mimic bokeh — or blur — styles and applies them behind a subject.

The effect is aggressive. When it works, you can snap some great portraits.

Nokia 7.2 Unboxing - 6GB RAM / 128GB Storage - Charcoal

Now we come to the Nokia 7. I had a strange experience with this phone.

Nokia Mobile Support app updated with Device Monitor & more

I went through three units because the first two drove me up the wall with constant freezes and hang-ups. The performance was so frustrating on those initial models that I frequently found myself swearing, uh, quite audibly. After talking back and forth with HMD — I even sent video proof that my 7.

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