It has a resolution of x p for a pixel density of ppi. It's one of the few phones this year that will not sport a display notch, instead housing the 20 MP front-facing camera in the top bezel. Ultimately, the fate of this phone from a sales perspective will hinge on whether or not consumers care about using an older, but more than capable SoC. The Nokia 9 PureView comes with a fairly mundane 3, mAh battery. It also supports the Qi wireless charging standard up to 10W.

We don't know much about the camera outside of its resolution. The front and rear camera can use pixel binning which is combines pixels together for a higher detail 5 MP photo.

This is where things get interesting: the Nokia 9 PureView has a total of five rear cameras. Each camera has essentially the same lens, but two of the image sensors behind them are RGB, while the other three are monochrome. Each time you take a photo, all five cameras capture an image.

The Nokia 8.3 is the first cheap 5G phone worth watching

These images are then fused together to create a highly detailed 12 MP photo. However, if you choose to shoot in RAW, this final image will actually be anywhere between 60— MP. With this photo, you can use Adobe Lightroom who HMD has partnered with to provide the free version to Nokia 9 PureView users to edit the photos with the same tools as you'd find on a computer. The Nokia 9 PureView has single bottom-firing speaker, so no stereo speakers.

It has no headphone jack either, so audio will either be limited to using a dongle and wired headphones or wireless headphones. The Nokia 9 PureView includes the usual set of sensors.


Finland was now also experiencing its worst recession in living memory , and the collapse of the Soviet Union, a major customer, made matters worse. Vuorilehto quit in January and was replaced by Jorma Ollila , who had been the head of the mobile phone business from and advised against selling that division. Ollila decided to turn Nokia into a ' telecom -oriented' company, and he eventually got rid of divisions like the power business. This strategy proved to be very successful and the company grew rapidly in the following years.

Nokia's first fully portable mobile phone after the Mobira Senator was the Mobira Cityman in In November , the Nokia launched, making it the first commercially available GSM mobile phone. The brand continued to be used for televisions until The sale included a factory in Turku , and the rights to use the Nokia, Finlux , Luxor , Salora , Schaub-Lorenz and Oceanic brands until the end of Nokia was the first to launch digital satellite receivers in the UK, announced in March In October , Nokia overtook Motorola to become the best-selling mobile phone brand, [33] and in December manufactured its millionth mobile phone.

Nokia claimed in April its Xav and K monitors to be the first with stereo speakers and a sub-woofer. In , Nokia co-founded Symbian Ltd. They released the Nokia Communicator running Symbian OS in and later that year created the Symbian Series 60 platform, later introducing it with their first camera phone , the Nokia Both Nokia and Symbian eventually became the largest smartphone hardware and software maker respectively, and in February Nokia became the largest shareholder of Symbian Ltd.

It was reported at the time that some people believed Nokia to be a Japanese company. The company would then be known as a successful and innovative maker of camera phones. Nokia was one of the pioneers of mobile gaming due to the popularity of Snake , which came pre-loaded on many products. In , Nokia attempted to break into the handheld gaming market with the N-Gage. However, the device was a failure, unable to challenge the dominant market leader Nintendo. Nokia attempted to revive N-Gage as a platform for their S60 smartphones, which eventually launched in In Q1 , Nokia's mobile phone handset market share steeply dropped to Nokia launched mobile TV trials in in Finland with content provided by public broadcaster Yle.

The services are based on the DVB-H standard. It could be viewed with the widescreen Nokia smartphone with a special accessory enabling it to receive DVB-H signals. In Nokia developed a Linux -based operating system called Maemo , which shipped that year on the Nokia Internet Tablet. In November Nokia announced it would end mobile phone sales in Japan because of low market share. Nokia briefly returned to the computer market with the Booklet 3G netbook in August In late and in , the music-focused Xseries and consumer-focused Cseries were introduced respectively.

The old Symbian OS became completely open source in February Nokia's Symbian platform that had been the leading smartphone platform in Europe and Asia for many years was quickly becoming outdated and difficult for developers after the advent of iOS and Android. To counter this, Nokia planned to make their MeeGo Linux operating system, under development, the company's flagship on smartphones. Shortly after Elop's CEO tenure began, the Nokia board green-lit him the ability to change the company's mobile phones strategy, including changing operating systems.

On 11 February , Nokia announced a "strategic partnership" with Microsoft , under which it would adopt Windows Phone 7 as its primary operating system on smartphones, and integrate its services and platforms with its own, including Bing as search engine, and integration of Nokia Maps data into Bing Maps. Elop stated that Nokia chose not to use Android because of an apparent inability to "differentiate" its offerings, with critics also noting that his past ties to Microsoft may have also influenced the decision.

The company posted a large loss for the second quarter of — only their second quarterly loss in 19 years. Falling sales in , which were not being improved significantly with the Lumia line in , led to consecutive quarters of huge losses. In March , Nokia introduced a new corporate typeface called "Pure". That same day the Nokia was introduced with the new system. When the Lumia was announced in September , it was seen by the press as the first high-end Windows Phone that could challenge rivals due to its advanced feature set.

Elop said that the positive reaction to it had created a sense of hope and optimism in the company. In September Nokia announced the sale of its mobile and devices division to Microsoft. The sale was positive for Nokia to avoid further negative financial figures, as well as for Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer , who wanted Microsoft to produce more hardware and turn it into a devices and services company. It was a surprising and somewhat odd launch coming just weeks away from the finalisation of the Microsoft buyout. Nokia also moved from its headquarters to another building complex located at Karaportti.

By , Nokia's global brand value according to Interbrand fell to 98th place, [] a sharp slide from the 5th place it was in One former Nokia employee claimed that the company was run as a " Soviet -style bureaucracy ". After the sale of its mobile devices division, Nokia focused on network equipment through Nokia Networks. On 17 November , Nokia Technologies head Ramzi Haidamus disclosed that the company planned to re-enter the consumer electronics business as an original design manufacturer , licensing in-house hardware designs and technologies to third-party manufacturers.

Haidamus stated that the Nokia brand was "valuable" but "is diminishing in value, and that's why it is important that we reverse that trend very quickly, imminently". According to Robert Morlino, the spokesman of Nokia Technologies, Nokia planned to follow the brand-licensing model rather than direct marketing of mobile devices due to the sale of its mobile devices division to Microsoft. On 14 April , Nokia confirmed that it was in talks with the French telecommunications equipment company Alcatel-Lucent regarding a potential merger.

Nokia shareholders hold The Bell Labs division was to be maintained, but the Alcatel-Lucent brand would be replaced by Nokia. From the acquisition Nokia is now also the owner of the Alcatel mobile phone brand , which continues to be licensed to TCL Corporation. The company was integrated into a new Digital Health unit of Nokia Technologies. Nokia subsequently entered into a long-term licensing deal to make HMD the exclusive manufacturer of Nokia-branded phones and tablets outside Japan, operating in conjunction with Foxconn.

The deal also granted HMD the right to essential patents and featurephone software. On 28 June Nokia demonstrated for the first time a 5G -ready network.

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On 5 July , Nokia and Xiaomi announced that they have signed a business collaboration agreement and a multi-year patent agreement, including a cross license to each company's cellular standard essential patents. In , Nokia's brand value jumped places to th place compared to in the Brand Finance ranking. Its rise was attributed to its health portfolio and new mobile phones developed by HMD Global. On 19 January , Nokia signed a deal with NTT Docomo , Japan's largest mobile operator, to provide 5G wireless radio base stations in the country by On 13 March , Solidium , the investment arm of the Finnish government, purchased a 3.

A study revealed that Nokia phones performed far better than rivals Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, and Huawei in updating to the latest version of Android. The study, made by Counterpoint Research, found that 96 percent of Nokia phones were either sent with or updated to the latest Android version since Pie was released in Nokia's competitors were found to be all around roughly the 80 percent range. Nokia Networks is Nokia Corporation's largest division.

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It is a multinational data networking and telecommunications equipment company headquartered in Espoo, Finland, and is the world's third-largest telecoms equipment manufacturer, measured by revenues after Huawei and Cisco. It has operations in around countries.

Nokia Networks provides wireless and fixed network infrastructure, communications and networks service platforms and professional services to operators and service providers. Nokia Technologies is a division of Nokia that develops consumer products and licenses technology including the Nokia brand. It consists of three labs: Radio Systems Lab, in areas of radio access, wireless local connectivity and radio implementation; Media Technologies Lab, in areas of multimedia and interaction; and Sensor and Material Technologies Lab, in areas of advanced sensing solutions, interaction methods, nanotechnologies and quantum technologies.

Nokia Technologies also provides public participation in its development through the Invent with Nokia program. With its 8 synchronized shutter sensors and 8 microphones, the product can capture stereoscopic 3D video and spatial audio. On 31 August , Ramzi Haidamus announced he would be stepping down from his position as president of Nokia Technologies. It became a subsidiary of Nokia Corporation after the takeover of Alcatel-Lucent in NGP Capital formerly Nokia Growth Partners is a global venture capital firm, focusing in investments on growth stage " Internet of things " IoT and mobile technology companies.

Nokia had previously promoted innovation through venture sponsorships dating back to with Nokia Venture Partners, which was renamed BlueRun Ventures and spun off in In , the company was renamed to NGP Capital. Nuage Networks is a venture providing software-defined networking solutions. It was formed by Alcatel-Lucent in to develop a software overlay for automating and orchestrating hybrid clouds.

Alcatel Mobile is a mobile phone brand owned by Nokia since It has been licensed since to Chinese company TCL when it was under the ownership of Alcatel later Alcatel-Lucent in a contract until The Nokia brand has been licensed by former Nokia employees who founded HMD Global and introduced Nokia-branded Android -based devices to the market in The business unit develops technology and offers installation services for optical submarine cable network links across the world's oceans. The control and management of Nokia is divided among the shareholders at a general meeting and the Nokia Group Leadership Team left , [] under the direction of the board of directors right.