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That makes the speaker sound better and easier to understand people talking. If you have a noise cancellation mic at the top of the phone, you can usually put a piece of tape over it and that will help. A better fix is to take the screws out of the back of the phone if you are brave and putt something like a piece of closed-cell foam near the bottom of the phone where the regular mic is.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

The idea is to keep the sound from the speaker from traveling into the regular mic. If you put the foam too close to the speaker, the callers will be a little hard to understand because their voice will have no bass and it will make the phone sound really cheap. Some of the galaxy phones only allow you to turn off noise reduction on a per call basis. So you may have to do that every time you make a call. Depends on the phone.

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Are any of you running into this problem? One of the galaxy phones I had also severely reduced the volume when the noise reduction was turned off. Have any of you noticed this? Most definitely for my Samsung Galaxy S4 it was the case and the top microphone. Put some tape on the top microphone and put the case back on and the echo is gone! Hi Susan Yoder.

If you have a second mic should be small hole at the top of the phone try tape over the hole. I put tape on the second mic at the top of the phone and it worked. Been driving me crazy with complaints from ppl I called or called me. Got to the point where I hated my phone. Now it's time to learn to love it again. Just fixed it r on I got, so we shall see. With the S2 Verizon phone I had, it would only work for one call at a time. On the S3s Verizon phone I have the setting stays the way you set it even if you reboot.

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You can probably get rid of the echo my just turning the volume down. That way the built-in earpiece isn't as likely to be picked up by the mic. Try that and let us know if it works. Show 3 more comments.

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This worked for me too. The microphone hole in the outer case was partially blocked after I repaired the case with glue! I tried some of your suggetions but not a single one works.. So i looked at my samsung S4 which has the echo problm I have a brand new S5 neo giving me the same problem. The only way I could get rid of the echo on the other end was to turn on the speaker phone, or plug in a headset.

I tried just about everything, even Samsung's technical services without much luck, other than sending it down east for an evaluation. I never could find a noise reduction option on my phone setup, but, I did have a "hearing aid" assist thing which I turned off I figured it would be something simple and it was.

Good luck. Go into your Settings Scroll down to "Accessibility". Scroll down to "Hearing" and give it a tap. Make sure the hearing aid switch is turned "off". I also had the echo problem with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo. Thanks to this solution and turning off the hearing aid option under "Accessibility" in "Settings", it appears to have solved the echo problem. Thanks sooooooo much!!!

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This has to do with your cell phone provider, the location of the cell tower, where you are located in relation to the cell towers, and objects in the way that block or reflect the signal. Try going to a different room in your house or to a different spot outside. If the people your talking to still hear a echo, then you gotta switch carriers if you absolutely love your cell phone.

Alternatively, you can read reviews of best cell phones with no echo and switch phones if you absolutely love your carrier. Not in my experience. Same phone, same location, same carrier. One phone has the problem, the other doesn't. In my case it's the S5. I disagree. I have 4 sgs4 in my hose and an sgs5 and only one has this issue. My husbands phone is the only one that does this inn the same locations as the rest and it is one of the S4s.

The S5 that has the echo does it with or without a case. Also tried the remedy of changing background noise canceling as c well as putting a piece of foam inside the phone over the microphone. Still does it. I am thinking of purchasing a new microphone to see if that works. I decide to rethink this issue after reading about the new s7 not being as water proof as claimed I have replaced the screen a few times so I've been inside and know what's what.

I have also seen videos on placing a piece of business card or foam over the microphone location. I tried all of this and nothing did the trick. I have ordered and it's very inexpensive the "charging port and mic flex cable dock" because I think this is where the problem really is. It's a fragile piece and if the phone is dropped or dust or even humidity gets in it - it could cause the issue with echo in the mic. It should arrive in a couple of days and I'll let you know if it works. Also, if it still does it then it is the speaker unit.

So, what is RCS?

Most likely its the rubber coating over the mic located inside the case on the bottom of the phone obviously. Open up your phone and make sure to push the rubber in deep in to the case. There's a small hole in the rubber and in the back casing and they should align perfectly. When the phone is assembled you should not be seeing any of the rubber from the mic hole.

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Callers to my Galaxy II get the echo. Only after answering tap the bottom left menu; then put noise reduction to off. This works, but doesn't always stay off with future calls. My sales person clued me in on the solution fix I don't like to carry it in my pocket with no protection even if that works. Timo Schnell. I am having the same problem with the international version of the S4 active. As with lots of others the problem does not exist with the backcover removed or when using phonespeaker or headset.