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Meizu Mobile Hard Reset. You can easily unlock your android mobile phone for free. You do not need any software knowledge. Please note that Hard reset delete all your data from your mobile. You will not recover your data like apps, contacts and Files etc. Hard reset , also known as a factory data reset or master reset , is the restoration Format of a device to the state it was in when it left the factory. All settings, applications Apps and data added by the user are removed means permanently deleted.

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You must read following article before hard reset or factory reset any mobile phone. If you not follow below post, You will lose some valuable data in your mobile phone. These important points will help you to reset your android or windows mobile without any error.

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Meizu Hard reset method. Hard reset Delete all your data like photos, contacts and applications Apps in your android mobile.

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You will not recover your files after reset your mobile. So try to recover your password first. If you can not recover your PIN or Password, then follow this method.

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You can make your settings to factory defaults. To perform a mobile factory data reset using the Settings menu, follow Below Simple steps:. This is Best method to recover your mobile password.

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This method is only works on android mobiles only. First you need a basic knowledge about computer and software installation.

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Analyzing any such situation can help to solve the problem quickly. Further on, you can try a variant of solving problems with connecting a smartphone to the PC operated by the latest Windows edition. These methods can be applied for Android 4. It should been noted that if a mobile device is blocked with a password or a graphical key, the first thing to do is to disable the block so that you can work with directories and files on the gadget connected to the PC.

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You should also check if the mobile gadget shows connection to the PC not only for charging. You can see it by the USB icon in the notice area or when opening it; it should show how your device is connected to the computer. In the best case, file storage has to be recognized, but variants like a camera or a USB modem are also possible. If the last variant is on, the mobile device will not be shown in Windows Explorer. In this case, you should click on the notice of using a USB modem and switch it off. Besides, you can do it by going to Settings, where you should specify Wireless networks and then click More.

If the smartphone is connected as a camera, then you should click on the notice to enable file transfer in MTP mode. Older versions of Android have a number of possible USB connections. To enter this mode, click on the notice of USB connection in the notice area. In this case, you can reconnect the device to another USB port of this computer.

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If you have USB cables from other gadgets, you can try connecting via these cables as the problem may come from a faulty cable as well. You should also make sure there is no problem with the smartphone connector — what if it was replaced or the phone was in the water. You can also see if the smartphone can be connected to another PC. If the smartphone is connected all right, then there can be a problem with the computer.

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You should check if USB media can be connected. So you have to go to notice area to switch another mode on. You can use synchronization with cloud storages, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Block a number on your Meizu Metal with Android 6.0 Marshmallow from the call log: