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OS Android 9. Display 6. Brand Brand name of the company that manufactures the Mobile. Model The model name of the Mobile Phone. Launch Announced.

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Network Technology. This allows the phone using the card to attach to a mobile network. Moving a SIM card from one phone to another allows a subscriber to switch mobile phones without having to contact their mobile network carrier. SIM cards can also be used by a phone to store limited amounts of data, such as phone numbers and text messages. Operating System controls all basic operations of the Mobile such as smartphone, PDAs, tablet computers and other handheld devices.

The Operating System allows the user to install and run third party applications apps , apps are used to add new functionality to the device. Chipset Chipset is a group of integrated circuits designed to perform one or a more dedicated functions, often with real time computing constraints, Popular smartphones are equipped with more advanced embedded chipsets that can do many different tasks depending on their programming. Processors are often described as the brain of computers, smartphones and tablets, Smartphones and tablets rely on processors to carry out their every task, Processors are an incredibly important factor in selecting any type of computing device, including your smartphone.

Octa-core 4x2. GPU GPU Graphics Processing Unit is a single-chip processor designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the creation of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display, This includes things such as lighting effects, object transformations, and 3D motion. Resolution Camera Resolution. Pixel Density Pixel Density PPI is refers to the concentration of pixels on a particular display, measured in pixels per inch ppi.

Pixel density is calculated by dividing the diagonal pixel resolution of a display by its diagonal size, higher pixel density better display quality. Design Dimensions. Storage Internal Storage Internal Storage is a data storage space flash memory mostly used in smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices where operating system, apps, music, photos, videos, files and other user data Is stored. Card Slot Memory Card Slot is a special slot for inserting a memory card.

Memory cards allow you to expand the phone's built-in memory, A memory card sometimes called a flash memory card or a storage card is a small storage medium used to store data such as text, pictures, audio, and video, for use on small, portable or remote computing devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players, digital cameras. RAM Memory RAM Random Access Memory is a type of mobile, computer memory that can be accessed randomly, any byte of memory can be accessed without touching the preceding bytes that allows information to be stored and accessed quickly from random locations.

RAM is the most common type of memory found in computer systems, smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. Main Camera Resolution Camera Resolution. Selfie Camera Resolution Camera Resolution. Video Video Resolution. Smartphones will go on sale on May 20, at estimated prices of Rs. There are no comments to display. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.

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ZTE Blade V10

Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Search In. By DeZire May 13, Recommended Comments. Add a comment Insert image from URL. Despite this, the Chinese manufacturer suddenly announced its intention to soon release a full-fledged successor to the Axon 10 Pro, which debuted a year ago. As announced by Dr.

Nothing is reported about the technical characteristics of the smartphone. It may get the flagship Snapdragon processor, but the possibility of using a simpler Snapdragon g chip is not excluded. Official teasers indicate that the manufacturer will focus on video recording functions, but there are no details yet. Earlier, ZTE representatives said that will be the first year of full-scale deployment of 5G smartphones.

It is assumed that this technology will remain relevant in the next 10 years, and the company hopes that its brand can regain its former popularity. ZTE Blade 20 Smart smartphone features a large screen with thin frames, a mAh battery and a triple camera with artificial intelligence functions. A useful option is also the availability of an NFC module for contactless payments. ZTE Blade 20 Smart received a 6. The front camera is hidden in a small drop-shaped cutout and supports face recognition. As an alternative way to unlock, use the fingerprint scanner on the backside.

The triple main camera with artificial intelligence functions recognizes the shooting conditions and selects the optimal mode for them. The device itself understands when children, food, architecture or landscapes are in the frame. Inside the compact case is located a battery with a capacity of mAh, which provides a full day of use in active mode.

There is also support for fast charging with a power of 18 W, and OTG technology allows you to charge other devices from your smartphone. The presence of the NFC module and support for Google Pay are useful for contactless payment for purchases, travel by public transport, etc. The first is equipped with a widescreen display with an aspect ratio of , and the second with a screen of only 4 inches is suitable as a spare device or the first device for a child.

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Both smartphones are running Android Pie. Due to the aspect ratio, more content is placed on the screen when reading and viewing social media feeds. The device is based on an eight-core processor and runs a modern operating system Android 9. The smartphone supports fourth-generation mobile networks LTE Cat. The smartphone uses a Quad-core processor and operating system Android 9. According to the benchmark, the new product with a graphics core frequency of MHz involved 7.

The date of the possible announcement and the price of new items are unknown. The short video does not reveal the specifications of the future product, showing only the resolution of the front camera 32 megapixels.

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According to the resource Gizmochina, the device will be equipped with a 6. The built-in memory will be 64 and GB, respectively, the battery capacity — mAh. Triple the main camera gets sensors on 24, 8 and 2 MP. The device will be running Android 9. ZTE will release a completely frame-less smartphone Letsgodigital portal with reference to the world intellectual property organization WIPO published the renders of two unannounced ZTE smartphones. Chip novelties steel displays with minimal frames.

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The screen of the first device, judging by the presented images, is completely devoid of any cuts, and there are no physical connectors and holes on the body. On the back panel, there is a triple main camera, on the right side you can see a single button — probably it is designed to turn on the device. The second model is equipped with a small hole at the top of the display, and on the back cover next to the dual camera module is a fingerprint scanner. On the top side, you can see 3.

Samsung Galaxy A80 on the new Snapdragon tested in Geekbench The site of the popular benchmark lit up unannounced smartphone Samsung Galaxy A80, assembled on the basis of eight-core processor Snapdragon The results of testing the future new item, equipped with 8 GB of RAM, immediately leaked to the Internet and were published by insiders of the portal Slashleaks.

In the single-core test, the gadget scored points, in the multi-core — points.

Connectivity - no NFC in the ZTE Blade V10

The announcement of new products lines Samsung Galaxy A will be held tomorrow, April Announced the date of the announcement of Vivo X27 with a retractable camera; Samsung has patented a TV without power cord; ZTE is preparing to release a bendable smartphone; new Qualcomm chipset for low-end devices seen in Geekbench. Announced date of announcement Vivo X27 with a retractable camera The social network Weibo has a teaser of the upcoming announcement of Vivo X27, recently lit in a Chinese TV show.

Judging by the text on the banner, the debut will take place on March Advertising poster only confirms the date but does not reveal any details about the characteristics of the device.

ZTE Blade 10 - Complete Review!

According to rumors, the novelty will receive a 6. The device is also credited with a megapixel front on the retractable mechanism and the main camera with a resolution of sensors 48, 13 and 5 MP with support for AI algorithms. Published on the website of the world intellectual property organization, the document describes the original design of the "wireless" TV.

Connecting the device to the power supply is carried out by means of a thin magnetic strip, which is attached to the back of the case and operates on the principle of wireless charging for the smartphone. According to the patent, this bar is additionally equipped with built-in speakers, allowing the manufacturer to make the TV even thinner.

The date of the appearance of the finished patented products and the expected price of new products are unknown. ZTE is preparing to release a bendable smartphone In the database of the same patent office lit up and the project of the company ZTE to create a bendable smartphone under its brand. In contrast to the already shown solutions of other vendors, the design of the new product is a kind of classic clamshell, the display of which is folded inside.

The length of the "halves" of the case varies, and when folded, a small part of the display remains visible — probably to display notifications. Technical characteristics of the device do not disclose the source.