How to Sideload Google Pixel Updates

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Occasionally it left parts of a subject blurred when they should have been sharpened. Still, I was more disappointed with the Pixel 4 camera in this area. Lastly, Google left out a feature that Apple and Samsung just introduced on their phones: a so-called ultrawide lens.

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The company said it felt that making the zoom ability of the camera better was more important. In my tests, zoomed-in shots looked great on the Pixel 4.


The lack of this special lens on the Pixel 4 is not a deal breaker, but it diminishes its value. The Pixel 4 has a few intriguing features, like the transcription feature built directly into its voice recorder, which worked well in my tests.

The screen also has a higher refresh rate, which makes motion look smoother. With its rivals catching up on sophisticated photo software, Google looks behind the curve in hardware.

Google Pixel 4 XL review: Half great, half-baked

Recently I revised my smartphone upgrade criteria to include advice on when people absolutely must jump to a new phone. For those with older Pixel phones, I recommend taking a wait-and-see approach before considering an upgrade.

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All the older Pixels, including the original model from , are still getting software and security updates, so there is no rush to buy. The Pixel 4 will be a nice upgrade only if Google meaningfully strengthens the security of the face scanner. Losing its edge in camera software To compare the Pixel 4 camera with the iPhone 11 Pro camera, I tested them in a challenging nighttime environment: an outdoor Thom Yorke concert at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, Calif.