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Immediately after I install the latest video driver from Lenovo support, the webcam works fine. However, after about a day, the next time hangout loads a 'webcam unavailable' message appears in Hangouts. Can anyone suggest a good way to isolate if the issue is the webcam, driver, or the Hangouts plugin or perhaps something else?

My webcam doesn't work on Hangouts. It does work with Skype.

Just looking for diagnosis steps to run though for now, though if you have a solution idea that is great too! I've had some bad experiences with the webcam on these computers. I would try opening the default windows camera app, and if nothing comes up i. There should be some sort of lenovo settings on your computer if you can't find it, search it up on your computer In there, there should be some sort of privacy settings for the webcam that will prevent it from being used by default it was blocking use of the webcam for me.

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Microphone not working in Hangout in Windows 10

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