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Thankfully, Huawei's engineers have developed a new product called the Phone Clone App which is simple and convenient to operate. The transfers are also encrypted, which makes the app incredibly secure to use. What is Phone Clone App? Phone Clone is an app from Huawei for data transfers between mobile phones without the use of data cables.

The transfer process through the app consumes no mobile data, and is easy and quick to use. The good news is that the app is not restricted to Huawei phones - it supports data transfers from all Android and will soon support iOS devices as well. How does it work?

The app runs using a Wi-Fi network. Both your devices old and new will have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network before the data transfer can commence. You can transfer contacts, messages SMS and MMS messages , call logs, photos, audio files, videos, documents, and apps from an Android device to a Huawei device. From iPhone, you will be able to transfer contacts, photos and videos.

Once the transfer is complete, you may start using your new device. Where can I download the Phone Clone App? Read on to find out all you need to know about how to block and unblock a phone number in HONOR phones running Android. HONOR's range of phones are fully equipped with the ability to manage which phone numbers you would like to block and which ones you would like to let through, and these are the steps you need to take to find some peace and quiet.

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This is a really simple procedure. Just open Contacts, then touch and hold whichever one of your contacts you want to block. When the menu appears, select "Add to Blacklist". Once that's done, you won't receive any more calls or messages from that contact. Bye bye, overfamiliar friend! Sometimes, those little spam SMS messages can get annoying.

So, just block them. Here's how. Spoiler: it's really easy! All you have to do is touch and hold a message. Then, select the 'no entry' sign circle with a line through it. From then on, your HONOR phone will add that number to your blacklist and block all calls and messages from it.

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If you want to see who you have previously blocked, the quickest way is to open Phone Manager. Then, just go to 'Blocked' and select 'Numbers Blacklist'. This will show you all the numbers you have opted to reject. Of course, you might have a change of heart. Perhaps you have been a little hasty blocking that number and now you want to receive calls and messages from it once again. Removing a contact from the blacklist is simple.

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Open Contacts, touch and hold the contact you want to get back in touch with, and select 'Remove from blacklist'. If you are in Messages, touch the so-called 'hamburger menu' that's the one with three vertical dots then select 'Blocked contacts'. When you see the list of numbers, just tap the X next to the one you want to unblock. Remember that, once you unblock a contact, you will start to receive calls and messages from it again, so make sure you pick the right contact.

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That's it! Now you know how easy it is to block and unblock contacts, you will be doing it all the time. Just make sure you pick the right number, though — your best friend might not be impressed if you block them by accident! HONOR News Blog Events.

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