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ONEPLUS 5 RANT ! - Caught Cheating on Benchmarks AGAIN !

Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. While this is not considered an overclock, this setting disables the protection afforded by the thermal throttling feature of the chipset.

Is cheating on your wife worse than cheating on your gf? - OnePlus Community

While the result may be outstanding multi-core benchmark results, this configuration is not possible to come up during daily use of the handset. With the thermal throttling disabled, the phone quickly reaches unsustainable temperatures.

For the Graphics Processing Unit benchmark, for example, even the exterior backplate of the phone reaches 50 degrees Celsius Fahrenheit. At this point, the phone clearly runs the risk of overheating. The issue is not just confined to benchmark. Certain OnePlus 5 units also lock the chipset into its top speed when playing games, according to 9 to 5 Google.

OnePlus Cheats Benchmarks? OnePlus 5 Units Comes with Mechanism That Could Overheat the Phone

This means that users running graphics apps are also at risk of overheating their mobile device. OnePlus has said that the software, with the chipset locking mechanism included, will be shipping to buyers. The foster church movement How to boost your immune system and fight the coronavirus. OnePlus Cheats Benchmarks?

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