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Why does the page keep giving me this error: 'Bot Detected'? I'm not a bot. There need to be better ways to handle and identify true bot traffic. It states on my account, "You have geocoding quota left" yet at the same time when I do a search I get the error msg "Sorry, Your daily quota is over. Dear Seamus, If you can send us an e-mail, we are going to check the problem ; best regards. I am doing family Genealogy and the cemetery that is on the family property does not show up on a map. It is the oldest cemetery in Saginaw County, however it is privately owned. Is there anyway to get the name of the cemetery posted to the map?

Your co-ordinates for PO1 2AD are wrong, they should be roughly Please join me this Sunday, March 8th at am to clean up Gore Creek!

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It is extremely important to clean up mountain streams so that our oceans do not become more polluted! I hope to see you there! If you have any questions, please email me. We will have donuts from Northside Kitchen to celebrate our work! Thank you, Jane Johnson. Is awesome, I use this website to do the homeowners Insurance. Thank you so much Katia. Thanks so much for this site! Lately I've been getting an occasional message saying "Bot Detected" instead of the information. Is this something to worry about? If you keep scrolling left or right on the map, the Longitude coordinate just keeps increasing.

To the point where you can have a value of e. Google maps does not like it and quickly stops working. I have a sim game and I like your help to complete my flite plan for landing. Thank you Cleo. There is a lot of work to be done in term of accurate location. I tried editing one but I could not. There is a bug, that it almost every time it finds the location or the estimate of it from second try and that takes away half of your daily quota, which is not really fair Very nice guys. I'm trying to decipher the following coordinates: latitude N11 23 13 It's for a location in Oman.

Thank you much! Thank you so much. I needed my exact latitude and longitude for a solar path fir the year My garden tips its leaves to you!!! This site is one of the top website on the internet that helps many people's lives. We'll wish a you more power and hope that this site will last forever. Thank you Latlong team. Great Service thanks for your efforts. Found it hard to get the point of the blue pointer directly on the spot of my place due to the Hand cursor , think I have it pretty close. Thanks again.

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Using your website to determine exact locations for a work project. The daily quota is going to prevent me from completing my project in a timely manner :. Love this site. Just a well intentioned rudimentary formula with little confidence in the results After I search about 50 places the search engine stops working. Clearing cache doesn't work but getting a new ip address does.

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Also just waiting a while refreshes the search engine. When it stops working no computer in the house can use the site. I'm receiving "Google Maps Platform rejected your request. Invalid request. Invalid 'zoom' parameter.

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This website uses cookies to collect information about how you interact with our website. We use this information in order to improve and customize your browsing experience and for analytics and metrics about our visitors. To find out more about the cookies we use, see our Privacy Policy. Place Name Find Add the country code for better results. Ex: London, UK Looking for the lat long, please wait Lat Long 0,0. GPS Coordinates 0 0. Share this location link Copy and paste the html code above in your website to share.

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  • Location page url. What is Latitude and Longitude? About Lat Long Latlong. Outbreak Thank you for using latlong. Marketers can think of Google Posts as free advertisements. Franchises and other multi-location businesses must be especially cognizant of the new tools Google has provided.

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    Each business location can have different Posts that are tailored to their city, neighborhood and local consumers. At the same time, some promotions, events and sales may be applicable to all locations.

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    Now, SOCi is giving businesses the same power. With this invaluable insight, businesses are able to plan out relevant localized content to publish via Google Posts. Google Posts is powerful because it empowers marketers to display promotional content to consumers early on in the sales funnel; before they even click on your website. Unlike ads, Posts are free and will only be shown to people who are already considering your business, either by searching for it or pulling up your GMB information.

    If a consumer is tapping different businesses on Google Maps and pulling up various Knowledge Panel listings, a Google Post could be the key differentiating factor that drives them into your business. Terms of Service Privacy Policy Contact. Our Solutions One Centralized Platform Our solutions have been built to address the needs involved in the three stages of a successful localized social marketing program. Deploy content, share assets, stay on-brand and increase your social search results Learn More. CARE Listen, manage, and respond to s or s of conversations and reviews across your entire network, so customers' issues are addressed Flag as inappropriate.

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    See more. GPS Status - notification proxy plugin. GPS Data - location status fix.