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Design : these days, most of us bring our phones with us everywhere we go. These devices have become more than just another piece of technology. The look and feel of your phone can also say a lot about your personal style. After all, many of us spend a lot of time looking at our phones.

Hardware & Performance

It makes sense to expect a quality visual experience. As a general rule, the higher the resolution, the sharper everything will look on your phone.

About our Galaxy A30 review

Some newer phones even have ultra-thin bezels the border around the screen to maximize your viewing area. This can be especially nice if you like watching videos on your device. The faster your processor, the more quickly you will be able to take pictures, play music, browse the web, use apps, and do everything else you enjoy doing on your device.

When it comes to processors, more cores tend to mean more power. Our unit even had the fairly recent February security patch. We've already seen One UI in action on recent phones such as the Galaxy A50 Review and the experience is pretty similar. By default, the icons on the home screen are comically large but this can be fixed easily by choosing a denser grid for the home screen and app drawer.

You can even enable a one-finger swipe-down gesture on the home screen to pull down the notifications shade. This is immensely helpful as it's nearly impossible to reach the very top of the screen comfortably with one hand. The phone supports Samsung Pay Mini, which is a cut-down version that only lets you set up UPI accounts, gift cards, and payment wallets. Android Pie's Digital Wellbeing is supported, which is nice to see. There are a whole bunch of motion gestures such as one-handed mode, Smart Stay, etc, which can be toggled on. The Galaxy A30 also has some pre-loaded apps including Dailyhunt and Amazon Shopping, which can be uninstalled if not needed.

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When we first began using the phone, we received a lot of unwanted promotions from the Galaxy Apps store, and this was before we even opened the app. However, once you go through the initial setup of Samsung's apps, you can opt out of receiving such information. This is a very sneaky way to push ads to the user, which is a little disappointing to see coming from Samsung.

Other programs such as the calculator, Samsung Notes, etc are all optional, and you can choose not to install them when you first set up the phone. We found the Galaxy A30 to be a good performer when using the usual chat and productivity apps. It's not the most fluid experience though, as there's always a bit of lag when using some parts of the UI. We felt this when swiping over to the Bixby home screen, trying to open the gallery after taking a photo, and even simply accessing the recent apps carousel to switch between apps.

The Samsung Galaxy A30 has a dual camera setup on the back.

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These numbers aren't impressive, especially when you that other phones at the same price and lower feature processors such as the MediaTek Helio P70 and the Qualcomm Snapdragon , which post better numbers. The good news is that the phone doesn't heat up too much. The Exynos does a decent job with games, but we had to scale the graphics settings down in heavier titles for a smooth enough frame rate.

The audio output from the speaker is quite weak. The volume was especially low in the games we tested but even in other apps such as YouTube, it didn't get loud enough for our liking, even in a quiet room. The speaker placement is good though, as it's not easy to block it when you hold the phone in landscape mode.

The bundled headset isn't much to look at but the sound quality is surprisingly decent. You can enable Dolby Atmos for wired and Bluetooth headphones, which boosts the audio level and spatial separation a bit. This automatically detects objects and adjusts the exposure accordingly. We noticed that it boosts colours slightly and also softens textures a bit, which is not something you'd always want. Landscapes had fairly good detail, and with the wide-angle sensor, you can get a lot more of any scene in the frame.

There is a bit of a barrel distortion when using the wide-angle camera and details aren't as good as when shooting with the main one due to the lack of autofocus. The macros we captured under good light had good detail and colours. Edges were sharp and well defined, which was nice to see. Despite the wide aperture, low-light landscapes were blurry and lacked good detail. Noise was surpassed well, but overall, photos taken in low light were quite underwhelming. It was even worse when we switched to the wide-angle sensor in low-light. Macros fared a little better but were still below average.

Shot using the primary lens on the Samsung Galaxy A30 tap to see full-sized image. Shot using the wide-angle lens on the Samsung Galaxy A30 tap to see full-sized image. Tap for full-sized images of Samsung Galaxy A30 camera samples.

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  • Samsung's camera app has the typical modes such as Panorama, Pro, and Live Focus, which is Samsung's portrait mode. With the latter, you can adjust the level of background blur before and after taking a shot. Edge detection is good and the Galaxy A30 got it right most of the time. However, in low-light, images shot using Live focus looked patchy and lacked good detail. Selfies turned out a little soft for our liking but colours were good and HDR worked really well when shooting against the light. There's Live Focus here too, but edge detection isn't as good.

    In low-light, selfies lacked good detail, with visible grain. The Galaxy A30 can shoot up to full-HD videos with good quality, but the lack of stabilisation is disappointing. Unless you're staying still, videos often end up looking shaky and unusable.

    Continuous autofocus isn't very quick, and we saw visible lag when the camera was trying to refocus onto another subject. You can shoot video with the wide-angle camera too, but details are low, there's no stabilisation, and footage looks grainy in low-light. The camera app also has AR Emojis which are fun to play around with.